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Driftwood in Brussels|Aesthetic space intertwined with tradition and modernity

2023-03-25 06:24:08 [Dark ]
Driftwood in Brussels|Aesthetic space intertwined with tradition and modernity

Brussels is the capital of the European city of Belgium. Many people think of it as a political city, because there are the EU headquarters, NATO headquarters, the Benelux Secretariat and the Western European Union, where business and politicians from all walks of life come and go. But in fact, it is also an underrated art city, with a cultural heritage left over from the wisdom of countless predecessors, especially in terms of architectural and spatial design. Brussels has preserved a large number of historic buildings, especially the Grand Place, which was once called "the most beautiful square in the world" by the French writer Hugo. The Manneken Pis statue and the story behind it are even more famous around the world. At the same time, in modern architecture and space design, Brussels also has amazing works through the inheritance and development of historical buildings. Here are some modern architectural space design works from Brussels.

Office Design

This office building is the first serviced co-working office building in Brussels. It was renovated from a cement company building in the 1970s and was once voted the most modernist building in Belgium. There are multi-functional spaces scattered in the building. In addition to meeting the office needs of different companies, reception areas, bars, and art galleries are readily available to effectively meet all the needs of employees. From the height of the interior, you can enjoy the stunning forest view outside the window.

Bar Design

This bar in Brussels follows the traditional Brussels architectural style on the façade along the street, echoing the old Grand Place. The interior space focuses on creating an atmosphere of "relaxation" and "intimacy". The use of a large number of curved copper materials, as well as the barley and hops hanging from the ceiling, give people a sense of calm and safety.

Villa Design

This Brussels villa is a renovation of an old house built in 1910. The designer added a lot of modern elements while retaining the traditional Belgian elements, making the whole space a fusion of simplicity and simplicity. There are a lot of perspective and geometric design techniques in the whole space, bold colors, simple decoration, every place is a retrospect of history and a prospect of the future. Walking on the streets of Brussels, people often meet travelers from all over the world. Time and space flow here, and tradition and modernity are intertwined here. What remains unchanged is the artistic atmosphere and aesthetic value that permeates the air.

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