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Selected Monthly Competition | Which moments in life are worth photographing? Just look at these photos

2023-04-02 08:12:32 [Light ]
Selected Monthly Competition | Which moments in life are worth photographing? Just look at these photos

good morning everyone! The tender moment of life in the September competition has passed halfway, and many wonderful and moving photos have emerged in the submissions we received. Most of these photos were taken in daily scenes. Unlike blockbusters that were carefully planned and shot at the right time, they were more like sketches of life captured everywhere, piecing together bland and sweet healing moments. They focus on a wide range of objects, including scenery, humanities, animals and plants, and still lifes. Among them, not only different lives, but more importantly, an ability and attitude to observe, perceive and appreciate life, which are quietly emerging ...Today, we have selected some excellent works for appreciation, let's receive this gentle attack together! ONE.ˉ Humanities Story ■ Children ©Kkk | A tender moment in life Every child needs a summer to play with water. When the boy opened his arms, ran and jumped, splashing milky white water, he was as free as a bird in the blue sky. ©Wen Tao | In the school season, the girl is wearing a beautiful dress and standing in front of the teaching building. The telephoto shooting in the distance not only makes the building horizontal and vertical, but also compresses the space, making the picture abstract into bright color blocks, giving people vigor and hope. ©Xin Yan | The little girl in the hat uses the wide brim as the background, which not only simplifies the picture, highlights the subject, but also blocks the strong light, so that the little girl's face is evenly lit. When looking up, the light leaks in and falls into the big watery eyes, who can resist it? ■ Parent-child ©Chen Changchun | The father and son played with the baby in the water, his expression full of love, but the baby was ignorant. The light in the evening is soft, and with the swaying of the river, the red balloons next to it become the highlight of the picture, creating a warm atmosphere. ©Shou Renjun | Father and daughter Gong Chanjuan This photo is very blurry, but it does not prevent it from poking my heart. On the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the father holds his daughter on his shoulders. The street lights illuminated the father and daughter, and the big hands held open, as if they were about to cross the dark building and embrace the bright moon. This picture always reminds me of: Father's love is like a mountain. ■ Variation © Inspiration vision | It is still bright when they are out of the cage. For office workers who get up early in winter, a few buns just out of the cage are enough to warm their body and mind, just like a few warm lights in a bun shop in the dark, this is the happiness at hand. ©Huacai Cat | When waiting for the green light, one side of the road was sanitation workers in bright overalls, and the other side was eight construction workers sitting on the road pier with different postures. Because of "near big and far small", the picture forms a balance between "one" and "eight", resulting in a peculiar contrast. ©Hejue | Summer in Qinghai Lake What does it feel like to ride a tandem bicycle on Qinghai Lake in the clear sky? Adding the flying colored flag as the foreground, the picture becomes lively and agile, and we seem to be blowing a pleasant sea breeze. ©NuansheTiao | In a conjoined conjoined building in scattered days, the front and rear rows are only half a floor apart, and the neighbors are more close. The building is old, but their exchanges are like greenery that still thrives in the dark, and can light up the daily life. ■ Light and Shadow©Autumn | Shadow In the evening, the setting sun casts the shadow of the railing on the beach, forming a large and small bright frame. The big frame is the shadow of the adult, and the small frame is the child playing with the shadow. The contrast between the size, the virtual and the real, and the contrast between the cold and the warm make the picture extremely vivid. ©Lao Zhang | When the tide is high in summer, the rays of the sun are slightly dyed, there are no clouds, and it is full of tranquility. A woman wearing a long floral dress, a long coat, and a top hat looks more mysterious in the silhouette against the light, and also arouses more reverie. © Weixin Yan | Feeding seagulls The black and white silhouette under clear sunlight clearly outlines the postures of people and seagulls, showing a harmonious picture of feeding seagulls. TWO.ˉ Animals and Still Lifes Animals©Mo Ao| The square composition with a light kiss eliminates unnecessary elements and focuses on the loving interaction of the two dogs. The supermarket sign behind makes the scene more interesting Interest in life. ©Xiao Xiaoyu | Happy swans in the evening, the crowd dispersed, the fish and geese are happy. In the picture, the geese and the fish are separated diagonally, and the lake water is dark, setting off the white of the swan, the orange of the goose's beak and the red of the goldfish. ©Don’t Trust the Promise | The riverside grazing on sunny days, wetlands and grasslands form a stable composition of thirds, making the picture look very calm and harmonious. © Muyangren | Peering into the macro lens, the vivid expressions of the main insects are highlighted, while the green leaves as the front and rear background are naturally blurred, rendering a vibrant spring scene. ■ Plant © Unique | My Fair Lady The light and shadow of a cluster of leaves cast on a large leaf, like a modern girl wearing a wide-brimmed hat. This kind of ingenious moment requires both observation and imagination to be able to capture. ©Light Moon Breeze | From the side, its posture is lighter, like a flower girl sitting on a leaf, swinging her little feet leisurely without being disturbed. ©Qimude | In the dark background of Hibiscus Izusui, the light and shadow are rich in layers, the slim and budding lotus flower, and the stretched texture of the lotus leaf are all highlighted, adding some ancient charm to the summer. ■ Still life © Zhang Bing | Mooncakes are fragrant during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and mooncakes are indispensable. Arrange it carefully in an elegant corner, and then throw a ray of setting sun, and the moon cakes are plated with a golden luster, making them even more warm and attractive. © Ah Qing | The gentle leisure afternoon of light and shadow, arranging plain flowers and tuning plain piano, is the most pleasant and nourishing. The sun shines in, dividing the room into light and dark sides, like a black and white curtain, with colors and light and shadow appearing on it, interweaving the virtual and the real, which is quite aesthetic. © Yang Xuan | Different color blocks with low saturation on the soft windy ground, matched with light blue bed sheets, not only enriches the picture, but also creates a quiet and leisurely atmosphere. If the wind blows, let it dry for a while. THREE.ˉ Scenery ■ Natural scenery©Qimude | The bright moon is slightly bright, a full moon is still hanging high on the mountain, the lush trees are still hazy, and the clouds are still sleeping together. The picture shows a blue-violet tone, which is both quiet and a little more romantic. ©Direction | Sunset Homecoming The glowing red sunset, like ripe fruit, is full of ships returning home. The sunset and the ship are in the center of the picture, and the golden light is sprinkled on the undulating sea, forming a central axis, just like a rigorous and magnificent painting. ©Wang Mingren | When you see this picture, you will immediately think: Luoxia and Lonely fly together, and the autumn waters are the same color. China's artistic conception is so concise, blank and meaningful. © Zhou Haonan | The golden light of the rainbow sunset in Shigatse illuminates the layers of rocks and walls, and spreads on the wide ground, reflecting rich colors. A rainbow falls in the middle of the picture, making the deep blue sky beautiful, which is the magic stroke of nature. © Mu Sheng | The Yellow River water under the camera of the Brave Man is turbulent and turbulent; in the lower right corner, a fisherman stands on the washed stone level, waving a fishing net. In this picture of a big scene and a small person, although the person is small, he is very brave. ■ City Scenery © Hu Huhu | The city's sky blues moment, purple-red clouds fill the air, the whole city seems to fall into a gentle dream. ©colorful boi | The tender moment of life Under the epidemic, life seems to have pressed the pause button. Looking downstairs by chance, except for a solitary car, there is only light and shadow. The busy pace was forced to slow down, and when the hustle and bustle dissipated, there was a moment of tranquility. © Xiang Gandan | I can’t stop at home during the New Year’s Eve. I see the intersections are always flowing, and the tracks recorded by the slow door are colorful, just like the mood of the people in the car. After all, this is probably one of the rare gorgeous times of the year for people. Today's selected works are shared here, I don't know if you are touched after reading them. If you also want to share the #kindness of life you have encountered, you can directly click on the sticker below to enter the event page to contribute!

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