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2023-04-02 04:00:01 [the scenery ]

When I was young, I especially longed for Tibet. It seems that I would not be a qualified literary youth without a trip to Tibet. As for why I yearn, today I can't find the mental journey of the year. Because of its mystery? pure sky? Or the Tibetan Gu Liang with childlike pure eyes? Either everything, or nothing at all. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Recently, I occasionally swiped a travel blogger's trip to Tibet, slipped away quickly, and didn't want to stop for a moment. It was impossible to tell why I liked it back then, but today's dislike is very clear. Since that year, Tibet has become the place I don't want to see, the travel destination I don't want to step into in my life! That year, you insisted on going despite my desperate obstruction; the cruel words you said that year were like a joke in the fleeting years of time; that year's birthday, girlfriends prepared a lot of dishes; that year's birthday cake It's beautiful, covered with flowers. In order to better showcase the red wine they brought, I made a special trip to the supermarket and spent more than an hour buying the most beautiful stemware. When they came back, they laughed, the host left, and the guests were busy. Some of the best friends of that year are also drifting away. When I was young, I watched Wong Kar-wai's movie "Chongqing Forest". Policeman Ah Wu gave a monologue: I don't know when it started. There is a date on everything. The saury will expire, the canned meat will expire, and even the plastic wrap will expire. I started Doubt, in this world, what else will not expire? This sentence was very popular in those days, and the teenager's liking only came from following the trend. In the blink of an eye, more than ten years have passed, and this sentence is once again active on the Internet. The cruelest thing is that you suddenly understand a certain sentence one day.

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