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New Studio App Notes

2023-03-25 05:27:15 [Light ]
New Studio App Notes

Hello, friends who love video, creativity, and film and television, the director of the factory will introduce to you today the interesting section "Notes" that has just been revised on the new studio APP. Here, you can not only learn about the mental process of the directors' production, but also learn about the latest and fastest in the industry. The industry consultation and gossip is right, I tell you that it is better for surfers to bring topics and use them. The current topic of the new studio notes is #artist who knows magic. In order to encourage everyone to publish more high-quality notes content, there will be a number of benefits to be given in the near future. As an incentive 1, 30+ new studio member benefits will be given for free for 1 month2, 10,000-level new studio related WeChat exclusive forwarding and push 3, new studio video account public account selection recommendation 4, new studio high-quality creator recommendation opportunity... ...The opportunity is a once in a lifetime, don't miss it. After publishing high-quality content, you can add a new studio activity assistant (WeChat: xpc-activity) Welcome to recommend yourself. Have you ever downloaded the new studio app? La👇Download the new studio app and participate in the special event of sending notes👇

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