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10 Art Libraries, Who Do You Pick?

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10 Art Libraries, Who Do You Pick?

Viby Library and Culture, Denmark, 2021 The library can be described as a sanctuary for the soul of the contemporary people. When we were students, we spent time writing books in the library and working hard for our dreams. It's the beginning of the school year again, do you want to go to the library to sit? Today, Harper's Bazaar Art will take you to know about the newly established and distinctive library in the past two years. 01 Design of Vibi Library and Culture Center: Christensen & Co. Architects, Primus Architects, Denmark Coordinates: Danish libraries are not only places to read, but also carry local culture, which invisibly affects local customs. The Viby Library & Culture House in the small town of Viby, Denmark, was converted from a dairy factory. The unique mountain-shaped roof reflects the local tradition of raising cattle and sheep for milk production, carrying people's common memories. In 2021, in the Vibi Library and Culture Museum in Denmark, the interior and exterior of the white wall tiles are close and consistent, and they are more dynamic against the background of soft lighting and open space. Children can explore freely in different functional areas, and roam the sea of ​​books with their friends. While adults are reading, they can buy a cup of coffee and chat with book friends about life. Denmark Vibi Library and Culture Museum, 2021 02 Mill Library Design: Crawshaw Architects, UK Coordinates: UK From the cowshed to the mill, to the library, the identity of this building is constantly changing, carrying the stories of the countryside. The appearance may be unremarkable, but the inside is exquisite and the contrast is great. The log-style interior atmosphere, the collection of books throughout the past and the present... It is a good place to escape the hustle and bustle. Stanbridge Mill Library, 2021 03 Winter Park Library Design: Tanzanian architect David Adjaye Coordinates: American rose, large arches, lake view windows... You are not only reading, Still like on vacation. Do you feel at ease in the green landscape? This park library can slow down people's busy pace of life and let the "workers" in the city relax and maintain health. Winter Park Library, Florida, USA, 2021 The architect hopes to create a multicultural venue here, where people of all ages can enjoy reading. From the book collection and surrounding activities to the design style of the entire building, all kinds of ingenuity have successfully taken care of the needs of different groups of people. Do you want to see the lake view between reading? Floor-to-ceiling windows are available for you to choose from; want to hear the author of the book speak? The stair multi-function hall will reserve a seat for you. Winter Park Library, Florida, USA, 2021 04 Southwest Community Library Design: Perkins and Will Architects, USA Coordinates: USA Is it not enough to enjoy the scenery through floor-to-ceiling windows between reading books? Why don't you come and sit in this pavilion-like library. The library adheres to the design concept of "pavilion on the park", and the 360-degree large windows without dead ends make the surrounding trees seem to be within reach. Sitting in the seat by the window, listening to the birdsong outside the window, feeling the warm sunshine, the learning efficiency is doubled! DCPL Southwest Community Library, in 2021, its roof is like an open book, and the log-colored beams and columns are like extensions of the surrounding trees, naturally embedded in the surrounding environment. When the sun is too dazzling, the top sunshade will "stand up" to ensure the reading experience of indoor readers. Sunshade on the roof of the DCPL South West Community Library, 2021 05 Kingston University Learning Center Design: Grafton Architects, Ireland Coordinates: Is a square library in the UK boring? Not always. The design of the Kingston University Learning Center is dynamic, open and free. The quiet reading area is interspersed with dance studios and performance halls. The stepped seating in the atrium cleverly connects several major functional areas. This is not only a library, but also a wonderful place for college students to socialize and interact. Kingston University Learning Center, 2021 06 Huizhou "Water Drop" Library Design: 3andwich Design/He Wei Studio Coordinates: facing the sea in the south of China, and backing the mountains in the north, this library successfully "stands up" with the surrounding boulders, and The surrounding hilly landscape echoes each other. The pool is located at the top of the building, which complements the transparent walls of the reading area below, and the entire library seems to be suspended in mid-air. Walking along the long corridor into the circular reading area, do you feel like you have entered a "flying cabin"? Huizhou "Water Drops" Library, 2022 07 Children's Books Island in the Forest Design: Architect Tadao Ando Coordinates: To cultivate reading habits in Japan, we must start with dolls. The "Island in the Forest of Children's Books" located in Osaka, Japan has a very rich collection of books, and all kinds of children's books "cover" the walls of the library. The reading space has a strong sense of hierarchy and complements the placement of books. Children can follow the guide of the slogan to find their favorite book smoothly, and can read freely by leaning on the railing and sitting on the steps. The island in the forest of children's books, not only that in 2021, architect Tadao Ando created a ten-meter-high circular space on the first floor of the library, and used videos to present the text in the book. Children can gradually step into the stories in the book in a peaceful atmosphere, and successfully gain an immersive experience. Children's Books Island in the Forest, 2021 08 Petr Hajek Library Design: COSMO Studio Coordinates: Some libraries in the Czech Republic are specially designed for children, and there are also libraries built to commemorate masters. The design team hopes to use this building to pay tribute to Professor Petr Hajek, a Czech mathematical logician and director of the Institute of Computer Science. The whole library is small and exquisite, open on all sides, and the light blue interior space is dignified and calm. After entering through the small door, the audience's field of vision is suddenly broadened, and they can approach the professor's outstanding academic research during his lifetime. Petr Hajek Library, 2022 09 Grandola Library Design: Portugal Matos Gameiro Architects, Pedro Domingos Architects Coordinates: Portugal Under the guidance of palm trees, when you walk into this library, you will feel peaceful and peaceful The breath came instantly. Time seems to stand still here, and the sound of running water from the fountain replaces the hustle and bustle of the city. When you enter the reading area, your heart is also quiet. Grândola Library and Municipal Archives, 2021 Through the cloister, the main areas of the library are instantly within reach. Sunlight is reflected on the thick white walls, and the light and shadow change with the position of the sun. The books on the bookshelf and the paintings hanging on the walls of the corridor echo the vegetation in the courtyard, creating a mysterious and quiet atmosphere together. Grândola Library and Municipal Archives, October 2021 Haikou Yundong Library Design: China MAD Architects Coordinates: China This is a "breathing" library, and the cave-like design is unconscious The boundaries between indoor and outdoor are erased. The light in the pavilion changes with the time of day, bright or dark, clear or blurred. Looking up at the sky, looking down at a book, and looking at the sea in the distance, what is it like to read in such a cave? You'll know when you try it. Haikou Yundong Library, in 2021, the monotonous library will become full of personality under the blessing of art, carrying the memory of a place and showing the vitality of a group of people. In it, people can fully appreciate the charm of books and enjoy the feast of art and literature. Which of the ten newly built libraries above would you most like to visit? Welcome to leave a message to share. Editor, Wen Hou Jiayi This article was originally created by the Art Department of "Bazaar" and may not be reproduced without permission

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