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Wu Xuanyi's Xinghe luminous skirt is still amazing! You must have never seen this high-tech fabric

2023-03-31 01:38:27 [Light ]
Wu Xuanyi's Xinghe luminous skirt is still amazing! You must have never seen this high-tech fabric

The dresses that will glow these days have been on the hot search again. Who doesn't love sparkling fairy dresses? Looking back, the little fairy Wu Xuanyi in China once wore such a dress! At this time, many friends will be curious about how such a skirt is made. Next, let the editor lead you to explore how Alexandra Louise, the great cosplay costume designer, did it abroad? 01 Light-emitting fabric First of all, we need light-emitting fabric. This special LED fabric was specially given to her by a friend of Alexandra Louise. Her friend wanted to see what kind of dress she would make with this material. . Alexandra Louise has a fat orange, and every time she works, her fat orange will squat next to her to accompany her. It's a large piece of fabric with dense threads on the other end of the fabric. These thread fibers are the way light passes. The more difficult point is that you really need to be very careful when you want to cut this fabric now. After Alexandra Louise simply sewed the waist, she found that there were many ugly black caps on the top of these connecting fibers, and they could not be hidden. So she made something like a girdle for these little black hats. The next step is to make the bra, because the LED fabric is very hard and easy to break, so the girdle cannot be directly used with this material. Alexandra Louise intends to use ordinary fabrics to make a corset. Cover the bodice with luminous fabric for the desired effect. Start by sketching out a pattern for the bodice, and cut the bodice. Then put the LED fabric over the top of the bodice. Alexandra Louise made some simple pleats on the bodice. And designed the sleeve part, and designed lights for each sleeve. After the corset is sewn, there are also a lot of manual parts that need to be done in order to hide the little black hat that brings the light. First she screwed all the fibers and the little black hat, which temporarily looked like a mess of wires, but later she designed to hang them up and put a liner to cover them. But before placing the lining, first double-check that all the lights are lit. It's so beautiful, although it is said to be made by Alexandra Louise, the moment the light is turned on, it is still amazing! 02The princess dress that girls dream of Alexandra Louise is usually a girl who loves handmade dresses very much, and she is very ingenious. Here are some pictures in a Cinderella dress, it took Alexandra Louise about a month to complete the dress, so I took a few pictures of it. Although this yellow Belle gown has been done many times before, Alexandra Louise has been eager to redo it in a bigger and better way. So this time, she opted for a more golden-yellow fabric, and this time the dress not only took on a lot of shapes, but also did some appliqué work on the bodice. Over the years, Alexandra Louise has made all kinds of cosplay skirts by hand, as well as generous dress skirts, and has also gained millions of fans in ins. When she has no inspiration, her favorite thing to do is travel and draw inspiration from nature. Today, "design" is no longer the prerogative of planners or artists, but permeates every one of us. In our daily life, each of us can try to experience the joy of "design". Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editing丨Mary Typesetting丨mary

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