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16 good photos taken by ordinary people: photography is really a test of aesthetics

2023-03-31 02:12:58 [Share Photography ]
16 good photos taken by ordinary people: photography is really a test of aesthetics

It is easy to photograph a figurative object, but it is difficult to record an abstract moment. This is a test of the photographer's luck and observation. "Recommended Works" Issue 186 come [email protected] "Arrangement" Glory 20pro Late stage: Spicy shadows with scattered heights appear on the ground, and red is displayed in the highlights, as striking and prominent as a relief. It is easy to photograph a figurative object, but it is difficult to record an abstract moment. This is a test of luck and observation. [email protected] Guanshan Tinghai's "In One Pace" is equally ingenious. The gap between the pillar and the wall forms a bright line in the dark. The silhouette of the chimney forms a dark line in the highlights. One left, one right, one black and one white. [email protected] "Untitled" Huawei p30pro later snapseed light highlights the part of the character, and the highlights of the hat and shoulders outline the character very strong. As tough as this black and white tone. [email protected] shadow and trunk of the small pong coconut tree who loves to eat chicken necks are combined like a big broom, which ingeniously echoes the small broom of the sanitation workers below. [email protected]'s "Welcome to the World of Color" mobile phone shooting cars and motorcycles running to the left and right form a kind of randomness of the main body, but in this randomness, both are yellow, forming a unity. In the composition, the diagonal line is the boundary, the upper left is complicated, and the lower right is left blank, so there is a sense of design between the density and density. [email protected] "Street Shooting" Equipment: Apple Retouching: The mobile phone has the same compositional advantages as the previous photo, and the diagonal composition cuts the picture into light and shadow. The black clothes in the highlights and the white clothes in the dark form a contrast. [email protected] Liu Ding has never felt that the lines of the human face will be so beautiful, the roundness and smoothness of the curve, thank the photographer for giving us a different perspective. [email protected]春来燕's "Envy" shooting equipment: Huawei P30's almost white ground, two children are quite conspicuous, the children are watching the older children running, the title of "Envy" is very suggestive, people immediately understand what the photographer wants to express the meaning of. [email protected] The echo of the two planes is a clever one. In a clean background, three objects face each other, forming a vaguely triangular layout, making the photo look solid. And the shape of the pine tree subconsciously reinforces this stereotype. [email protected] took a random photo on the side of the road. After "editing", I found that it was more comfortable to be horizontal and vertical. The facade of the building is full of light and shadow after black and white, and a large number of copied lines show the beauty of order. [email protected] "Moonlight in the City" is the same as the above photo, the picture is full of order and simplicity. But what I think is more interesting is the connotation of this moon, the moon blocked by countless scaffolding, is it as the title implies, like a cage-like depression. [email protected] "Break and Stand" iphone13pro Snapseed company is undergoing major renovations, the whole is a big messy construction site, even in the dusty, orderly picture, in the neat red wall above, the shadow of the tree gives people the illusion that it is a A projection of an ancient building. The ground below, in the fragmentation, shows irregular artistry. Therefore, this photo can give people unlimited imagination. [email protected] The red and black color scheme, passionate and unrestrained meets restrained and low-key, red is usually a very eye-catching or even a little impetuous color, but when it encounters black, it calms down again. Make photos with this color combination full of nobility and elegance. [email protected]ღ laugh ღ laugh ღ "Technical Exchange" Mobile: Xiaomi 11u Late stage: snapseed buildings are full of tension, both up and down, inside and out. The characters are placed in it, which serves as a foil for the contrast in size. The black and white color contrasts with the black and white post-processing. [email protected] "Street Shooting" Equipment: Apple Retouching: The mobile phone comes with the light and shadow that I like in this photo, the buildings and streets in the framing, and the use of a large number of vertical lines, so that the direction of the photo is consistent and the sense of structure is strong. [email protected] is also a photo with a winning structure. It is divided into left and right, and each occupies half of the elements in the scene. There is no curve, and it is full of industrial style.

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