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A new way to take portrait photos, hidden in your TV

2023-01-29 10:28:45 [the scenery ]
A new way to take portrait photos, hidden in your TV

Hello~ Good morning everyone! Today is Monday, the last day of the mid-autumn festival. Take advantage of the holiday at home, why not pick up your mobile phone and take a few sets of photos together! Recently, the editor found that using the TV screen as the background, you can take a lot of good-looking photos, travel silhouettes, animation group photos, sci-fi blockbusters, fashion magazines... It's so fun to explode @Warren teacher Today, we use iPhone13 to practice , I would like to share with you the tips for taking pictures on TV screen projection. It is simple and interesting. Hurry up and catch my friends~1 / . Because of the epidemic prevention and control, I believe that many friends have experienced the joy of travel for a long time! It doesn't matter, we can experience a "cloud tourism"~ First of all, we need to prepare a few good-looking landscape pictures in our mobile phones, because we are taking silhouette photos, so photos such as sunset or window landscape photos will be more suitable. ©hello_dongwon ©A prayer and then the mobile phone turns on the screen projection mode and connects to the TV. Generally, the TV and the mobile phone can be connected by connecting to the same WiFi. The operation is very simple. After projecting the background image to the TV, we may encounter that the photos are not covered in full screen, because the mobile phone is in the vertical screen state. Rotate the mobile phone 90° and place it horizontally, and the photos will basically cover the TV screen~ Remember to put the indoor All lights are turned off to avoid TV reflections. Then the person stands in the middle in front of the TV, paying attention to the need to leave some space for the background image above the head. In order to avoid a large face, the camera position needs to keep some distance from the person. If the background photo is taken outside the range, it will be fine. We can use the original camera to lock the focus, and then use the original camera to lock the focus. Shutter, "travel photos" can be generated! Shooting silhouettes with the train window scenery map is full of atmosphere~ If you use the plane window scenery map to project the screen, the characters need to stand by the window with their side faces close to the screen, so that the color of the photo will be reflected on the face, For more realism, then lower the exposure slightly and shoot from the side. Pretend to travel by plane~ 2 / . Take a group photo with a sci-fi blockbuster TV screen, and you can also shoot a sci-fi blockbuster! We can find some pictures with a sense of technology, such as digital streams. Then, in the same dark light environment, the background image is projected onto the TV, the character wears sunglasses, the face is close to the TV, the direction of the head is adjusted, and the digital stream is reflected on the lens as much as possible, and the mobile phone is close to the TV end Side shot of people. Here, it is recommended that you shoot with natural light in portrait mode, the background will be a little darker, the whole picture will be more concise, but it has a high-level sense. It has the taste of the [email protected] Everyone can also try to use the pictures of the cosmic starry sky to screen and take pictures, which is full of [email protected] /. The pictures projected by fashion magazines can actually be very good. Simple, a solid color picture can also shoot a fashion blockbuster with super feel. We can import any photo to the photo editing software, then select the background color we like, move the photo outside the preview frame, and then export this solid color image and cast it on the TV. When you are shooting, you also need to turn off the indoor lights, and then fill in the light in front of the characters or turn on the flash of the mobile phone, but be careful not to hit the TV screen to avoid reflection. At the same time, it is better to shoot with the original camera of the mobile phone, rather than the beauty APP. After taking the photos, you can add some magazine stickers later, which is very [email protected] teacher In addition to the cool and flamboyant personality photos, we can also try high-end black and white photos. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a shooting function that is very suitable for taking black and white photos, which is very textured. Open the original camera, switch to portrait mode, there are different lighting modes, we slide to "monochromatic stage light", the system automatically blackens the background after identifying the person, click to focus on the face and then shoot vertically. One thing to say, this light effect of iPhone portrait mode is used to take portraits of people, it is super easy to make [email protected] / . Character group photo I believe many of my friends have favorite movie characters~ Do you also look forward to a group photo on the same screen? Woolen cloth? That's right, TV projection can help us achieve it! Let's first project a screenshot of a favorite movie onto the TV, preferably a medium shot or a close-up shot. For example, I used a screenshot of the movie "Your Name" from the Japanese manga to screen, and took a co-photograph in the position of a girl. Then import the photo into the wake-up image software, and apply one of the more Japanese templates in the "Cartoon Face" in the "Template". Then, cut the picture to a ratio of 16:9, so that you can take a photo successfully~ Okay~ Today's TV projection photo tips, is it fun and interesting! When you are free at home, ask your family to take pictures together~ Remember to like and read the article, share the article with your friends, and follow - the public account of "Fun Mobile Photography", see you every morning at 7:30 Scatter!

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