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Looking back at the photo, it is full of beautiful scenery in summer and autumn. What do you like most?

2022-09-26 23:08:30 [Retro ]
Looking back at the photo, it is full of beautiful scenery in summer and autumn. What do you like most?

The autumn moon is already hanging high, and halfway through the autumn, all the shadows are due to the moon, and each of the thousand voices looks back at the autumn, and the summer scene is still there. Go to that side and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The weekly selected pictures of Hong Kong China Tourism Publishing House (09.05-09.11/2022) capture the works of Hong Kong China Tourism Publishing House contracted photographers (HKCTP photographers) Weibo submission, travel photography community contribution, travel photography online blog The main published works will be selected and displayed on the whole platform. I look forward to the weekly recommendation of good pictures, so that more and better photographic works can be shared, appreciated, referenced and collected. Photo [Earth Pulse] Zhang Zenghong of Anjihai Grand Canyon in Xinjiang / Photo [Drunken Beauty Pearl Flower] Hongyan / Photo [Autumn in the Mountains] Wang Jianle of Qilian Mountains in Qinghai / Photo [Autumn in Anhui] Zhang Xiaolin (La La La) / Photo [ Kai Hai La ] Shandong Weihai Fishing Port Wharf Yang Song / Photo [Carving Time] Longitude and latitude of Canyonlands National Park in the United States / Photo [ Layers of mountains and mountains] The army of Qingchui Peak in Chengde, Hebei / Photo [Crystal pomegranate] Cheng Yixi / Photo [Clouds surround Sanqing Mountain] Huang Yongqing / Photo [ Fish Scale Clouds and Flocks] Nagqu Namtso Ye Baojun, Tibet / Photo [Photo] Qian Guoqiang / Photo [Qinghai Cauliflower Yellow] Qinghai Qilian Niuxin Mountain Zhao Bibin / Photo [Red-Eyed Tree Frog] Costa Rica Beijing Hongge / Photo [Seaside] Oriental Sword / Photo [Autumn has come] Sen Ge / Photo [A glass of wine among the flowers] Chen Jingai / Photo [Yellow River estuary] Xiaotian, Dongying, Shandong, Zhejiang / Photo [Inside the church] Guo Jihua, Irkutsk, Russia / Photo [ The courtyard is deep] Duan Xiangyang, Kuanzhai Alley, Chengdu, Sichuan / Photo [Jumping Spider] Hongyan / Photo [Meeting] Newark, USA / Photo [Opening the Door] Li Haining, Anhui / Photo [Lian Ying] Hong Yan Hua Yu / Photo [Gesang Flower Shadow] Fish on the Beach / Photo [There are Mountains Beyond the Mountain] A Jian / Photo [One Million Prayer Meeting] Lu Chunnan, Dhaka, Bangladesh / Photo [Undersea Elf] Cheng Yixi / Photo [Desert Life] E, Inner Mongolia Qianqi Dashatou Chen Shuxin / Photo【Damaopo Cloud Sea】Kanglin, Maoba Town, Enshi, Hubei Yang Yangjun / Photo [Taste of Autumn] Happiness is accompanied by happiness / Photo [Big Subway Gray] Xinjiang Karamay Tian Guojian / Photo [Mountain Village Morning] Guo Jihua, Xinjiang Hemu / Photo [Butterfly Rhythm] Shumei / Photo [Love Song] Xinjiang Bayin Brooke Yang Bingyong / Photo [Autumn Rain Sketch] Cheng Hao / Photo [Autumn Day] Hongyan, Haikou, Hainan / Photo [Morning in Mountain Village] dim lights in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan / Photo [Running to the Sea] Sun Shaoning, Weihai, Shandong / Photo [Endless Life] Zhou Xiuying /Photo [Kidney Island] Wolong Lake Wetland in Kangping County, Liaoning, Wang Junhua / Photo [Sunset] Li Haining, Zhoushan, Zhejiang / Photo [Reunion Night] Qingming Bridge, Wuxi, Jiangsu, Wang Jianxin / Photo [Blossoms with bosom friend] Zhang Dalin / Photo [Xiang Shui] Morning in the Stream] Zhang Xiaolin (La La La) in Wuhu, Anhui / Photo [Twilight] Wang Kaimiao, Munich, Germany / Photo [Upstairs and Downstairs] Sanxiang and Four Waters / Photo [Wonderland] Li Haining, Qinghai / Photo [Little Naughty] Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Baoyin/Photo [Flying] tang07059, New Jersey, USA / Photo [Skin Bug] True Emerald / Photo [Sunshine] Qile, Foshan, Guangdong / Photo [A group of egrets on the blue sky] Wang Jiangong, Xinchang, Zhejiang / Photo [Reluctant to part] Scout / Photo [Oilfield Dawn] Yang Hongjun by the Lande Lake in Daqing, Heilongjiang / Photo [Beside his mother] Wang Jianxin from South Africa / Photo [Monument] Jiangsu Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Lu Chunnan / Photo [Beautiful Eye Butterfly] True Emerald / Photo [Street Scene] Bell Tower Street Section in Taiyuan, Shanxi Xiangyang / Photo [Rising water] Chongqing Kangwei / Photo [Busy honey harvesting] Hou Jie, Zalute Banner, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia / Photo [ Skiing and rock climbing at the top of Europe ] By the creek of Mont Blanc, Switzerland / Photo [Small fresh after the rain] Zhou Xiuying / Photographing [Candlestick Stone] Huang Lisheng of Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan / I have been on the way to find the scenery without taking pictures. After taking pictures, I will share with my friends how to learn how to
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