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Hasselblad XCD 2,5/38V | Lightweight travel close-up lens

2023-01-29 10:14:44 [Photography art ]
Hasselblad XCD 2,5/38V | Lightweight travel close-up lens

XCD 2,5/38V Lightweight travel close-up lens XCD 2,5/38V is a 30mm equivalent wide-angle lens with a balanced wide-angle field of view, suitable for all kinds of humanities, landscapes, and architectural photography subjects. Multi-environmental information, combined with the f/2.5 large aperture blur effect, makes the subject more vivid and prominent; and at a small aperture, Hasselblad's iconic "eight stars" can be presented. The closest focusing distance of the XCD 2,5/38V is only 30cm, making it also suitable for shooting still lifes such as food and products. Thanks to the compact optical design, small and lightweight focusing module and improved inter-lens shutter, the XCD 2,5/38V weighs only 350g, and the compact lens has first-class optical quality.

Precision optics for excellent image quality

The lens is the starting point for capturing beautiful light and shadow, only with excellent resolution and color reproduction Ability to provide a good foundation for camera imaging. The medium format sensor has a large area and a high pixel density, so the precision requirements of the lens design are very strict. Based on the selection of high-quality lenses, Hasselblad carefully grinds each lens to make its excellent optical quality even better, so that each lens of the XCD series can meet the resolution requirements of 100 million pixels. The XCD 2,5/38V adopts a lens design of 10 elements in 9 groups, including 3 aspherical lenses and 3 extra-low dispersion lenses, supplemented by superb lens structure design, which not only makes this lens compact and compact, The light transmittance is improved and the dispersion is more effectively suppressed. With Hasselblad's powerful medium-format mirrorless camera, it presents delicate and moving Hasselblad images with exceptional image quality.

New focusing module, light, fast and accurate

The new generation focusing module design adopts linear control stepping motor and lighter and smaller focusing lens group , Effectively eliminate the backlash when the lens group moves, and the focusing response is more brisk, flexible and accurate. Combined with the X2D's phase-phase focusing (PDAF) technology, the focusing lens group can quickly reach the focusing position and achieve precise stop. Compared with the previous generation, the focusing speed is improved 3 times.

Miniature mirror shutter, powerful professional assistant

The mirror shutter mounted in the lens instead of the body is a powerful feature of Hasselblad medium format cameras Auxiliary. The new XCD series lenses have been miniaturized and upgraded, but they still maintain the consistent high level of Hasselblad. They support a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 second, and can achieve global exposure and full flash synchronization. The shutter movement between the small mirrors is very brisk, the vibration is very small, and the shutter sound is weak, so as to avoid disturbing the subject when shooting.

Metal look, new look

The lens is made of metal, and the focus ring and custom control ring are engraved with the "H" logo, inspired by HC/HCD Series lenses, engraved by a drill with a diameter of only 0.3 mm, are extremely fine. The refreshed XCD series of lenses are unique in their beauty whether used with X-system cameras or 907X cameras.

Convenient control, comfortable shooting

The lens feels comfortable to hold, the damping of the focus ring and the control of the control ring have been repeatedly tuned, and the operation is smooth and smooth , allowing the photographer to devote himself fully to the creation. Push and pull the focus ring to switch between manual focus/auto focus mode; in full manual focus mode, the focus distance and depth of field range information can be obtained intuitively through the scale mark. Photographers can also set functions for the custom control ring according to their personal operating habits to improve the convenience of operation.

Brilliant samples

© ISABELLA TABACCHI X2D 100C + XCD 2,5/38V 0.7S ISO100 F/19© JIANJUN WANG X2D 100C + XCD 2,5/38V 1/38S ISO64 F/5.6© HANS STRAND © JIANJUN WANG X2D 100C + XCD 2,5/38V 1/38S ISO64 F/5.6© HANS STRAND X2D 100C + XCD 2,5/38V 1.6S ISO64 F/13© DONALD MICHAEL CHAMBERS X2D 100C + XCD 2,5/38V 1/250S ISO800 F/2.5 detailed parameter table (click to enlarge)••Hasselblad new products are in hot order…

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