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When macro lenses become wider and lighter

2023-02-06 11:16:36 [the scenery ]
When macro lenses become wider and lighter

When we mention the macro lens, the first thing that may come to our mind is Canon's 100mm macro. After all, this lens is loved by many commercial photographers. In 2022, Canon just launched the RF24mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM, a large-aperture ultra-wide-angle prime lens that supports 0.5x macro photography. In this way, the majority of moviegoers can obtain macro effects, natural soft blur, and ultra-wide viewing angles at the same time. 24mm, as a wide-angle focal length commonly used by the majority of film lovers, is still very practical. Whether it is daily street sweeping, portraits, landscapes, videos and vlogs, it is very convenient. We can not only easily accommodate more scenery in the lens, but also get a good visual impact. For this RF24mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM lens, the first thing we experienced was its 0.5x macro shooting. The closest focusing distance of 0.14 meters allows us to experience the fun of macro shooting in daily shooting. The details that are usually invisible are clearly presented in front of the eyes, and the originally seemingly ordinary flowers, plants and small objects are taken into beautiful close-ups, and all kinds of details and textures are full. In addition to the obvious advantage of macro, this lens is also compact and lightweight. This is due to the large aperture and short rear focus distance of the RF bayonet. This lens can be said to be exceptionally lightweight. There is no pressure to shoot handheld or even hang up all day. Although this lens is small in size, it has a large aperture of F1.8. This not only allows the photographer to obtain a brighter picture, but also allows the wide-angle lens to have a soft bokeh effect, which is not easy to obtain a bokeh effect. In this way, not only can the subject stand out, but also a large and beautiful circular blur can be obtained. It can make the light source appear more dreamy and beautiful in night scene shooting. RF24mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM also supports 5-level lens optical anti-shake, which can achieve up to 6.5-level synergistic anti-shake effect with the camera body anti-shake control, so that we can reduce the sensitivity when actually shooting, which is more suitable for use shutter speed. Not only can it ensure better picture quality, but it is also a very favorable support for macro shooting: we can give up the tripod and shoot directly by hand. The RF24mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM lens is also a powerful tool for us to shoot videos and vlogs. The 24mm wide-angle viewing angle can bring people and environments into the picture when taking selfies. The large aperture of F1.8 can highlight the subject by blurring the background. Hand-held selfies will not feel that the lens is too heavy, even girls can shoot with one hand. The lens also uses an STM stepping motor, which can not only focus quickly and accurately when shooting video, but also be very quiet and will not affect the recording of sound. Such a wide, small and light lens has a wealth of applicable scenarios. It is very convenient for professional photographers to take photos or videos. For ordinary film lovers, you can experience a good macro effect, bright and large aperture, soft blur, and comfortable vlog shooting experience at a very affordable price. I believe that whether you are a professional or a player, you can experience the fun of photography through this lens, and you can get good works.

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