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What can you learn from these photos? People who can take pictures have a "screenwriter" in their hearts

2023-01-29 08:53:31 [Share Photography ]
What can you learn from these photos? People who can take pictures have a "screenwriter" in their hearts

Taking pictures, especially street photography and documentary, is actually a "design game". As a choreographer, you arrange the scene, the characters, the lighting, the action, and finally, "choreograph" it all into a scene. For example, when shooting this scene, I used a super wide-angle to incorporate the building and light and shadow into the picture: the eaves are bright, the ground is bright, the building is dark, and the shadows are dark. In terms of scene design, this is a very Symmetrical picture. And what I have to do is to wait for someone to enter the painting and become the finishing touch. Fortunately, I waited for this gentleman: the upper body is bright, the lower body is dark, and it is the opposite of the highlight shadow it is in, so it looks particularly prominent, and he Riding the direction of the motorcycle, just to the center point in the distance. Such a series of combinations, isn't it, perfect? Look at this again: The skater in red is very conspicuous on the blue and white ice. At that time, he was skating around and around, and my camera kept following him. Not to shoot him, but to find a suitable "background" for him. Fortunately, at a certain moment, a girl who fell down was struggling to get up. And her position is just above the skater in red, and more coincidentally, the position where the girl fell is right in the center of the five Olympic rings. In this way, the top-to-bottom line arrangement, color contrast, and interest of the story are all combined. I won't say it, but you can see what I want to shoot. In fact, using these two photos as examples, you should be able to understand the point I want to express. A good photo needs to be designed in advance, prepared in advance, fully predicted, and boldly imagined, and the rest is left to luck. When it comes, shoot it, if you don't wait, don't force it. Taking pictures, it’s better to be short than to waste, don’t make do with it. So, from this, let's take a look at a few submissions today. This time I don't talk about the later period, only the timing. [email protected] touch of gold on the sea level "Sidewalk in Silence" Shooting equipment: Honor 30pro+; Post-production: LR This photo has smooth lines and prominent subject, using hard black and white to make the picture very simple, but at the same time, the subject Therefore, the black of the floor coincides with the black of the ground. Besides, besides the main characters, the words "pedestrian waiting area" are quite conspicuous. However, in the composition of the picture, this area does not play a role. Solution: If it’s me, it’s fine to use black and white, but I suggest using normal neutral black and white. You can also consider adjusting the red and blue filters, and use gray to intervene to make the characters darker and the ground better. Dark colors are different. The second is the position of the characters, which is really good. But imagine that if he is in the "waiting area", then the contrast will be stronger in the face of many indicating arrows and lines on the ground. Even, it doesn't matter if there is a car driving by, but it seems to be more storytelling. [email protected] Guanshan Tinghai "Black and White World" This photo of HUAWEI P50 Pro captures the silhouettes of people on the bridge, and it can be seen that the photographer wants to express a level of contrast. What's more interesting is that the first row has 2 people, the second row has 3 people, and unfortunately, the third row has 5 people. If the three rows are arranged in 2, 3, and 4, what a clever thing. Another regret is that compared to the first two rows, the space in the third row is a bit small, and the sense of presence is very weak. Solution: If it is me, first of all, if you want to compare the number of people in the three rows, you can stand a little further forward, so that the sky space for the bottom row will be larger. Secondly, the ingenious comparison of the number of characters is not available. If you can wait until the numbers of 2, 3, and 4 are compared, you will be lucky. If you can't wait and smear one out later, it's okay to entertain yourself. If you don't want to fake it, then simply cut it out, leaving only one or two rows. At first glance, do you think it was spelled out? It's also quite clever. [email protected]'s "Three of Shadows" Mobile phone Huawei p30pro snapseed this photo in the later stage, the idea is very clever. In the photo, the upper white and the lower black correspond, the exit is centered, the glass on both sides reflects light, and the reflection of light and shadow is taken. It is a very well-rounded and rigorous symmetrical composition. It's a pity that I couldn't wait for a good model. The main character is on the side, so the presentation and composition of the subject are contradictory, and the photos are naturally not good-looking. Solution: If I were to shoot, in fact, from the perspective of the symmetrical composition to shoot the specular reflection, in addition to the unsatisfactory position of the subject, the tree on the right side of the photo also affects the aesthetics. Therefore, when shooting, you might as well squat down a little more and use the stairs to block the tree. Of course, it will also block a part of the glass, which will weaken the performance of reflection. However, it is also because the expressive power of reflection is weak, so the requirements for the location of passers-by will naturally be reduced. It is no longer necessary to center to pursue the symmetry of light and shadow on the left, center and right. Just use the highlights to carve out his outline, and the subject and subject of the photo will be very clear. In addition, given the small proportion of the sky, the ground has a large proportion. It is recommended to shoot frontal people, it will be better than the back. [email protected] records Of course, sometimes, when luck comes, you have to grasp it yourself. For example, in this photo, at first glance, you will think it is a taxi. But if you look closely, you will see that the pedestrian is in the middle of the sidewalk. The car is located in the middle of the two bridge columns, the rear tower is located in the middle of the bridge, and the bridge column on the right divides people and cars. The bridge on the upper side divides the sky and the earth. What a coincidence! Solution: If I were to shoot and show all the above coincidences, you can see if the comparison and combination will be clear and clear.

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