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Deadline Reminder | "Fukujian Shishi, Mirror Yanhaisi" National Photography Exhibition

2023-01-29 09:36:27 [Light ]
Deadline Reminder | "Fukujian Shishi, Mirror Yanhaisi" National Photography Exhibition

Photo by Chen Shi on the Gold Coast Deadline: October 10, 2022 Shishi City, Fujian Province is located at the southeastern end of Quanzhou City, the starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road". It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has a coastline of 68 kilometers. It is a beautiful and rich peninsula It is a national civilized city, a national ecological city, one of the ten most dynamic county-level cities in China, and a famous city for casual clothing in China. Photo by Yang Ziqiang, the ancient acropolis of Ambilight. Shishi was established in 1988. The private economy is active and the business market is prosperous. It has established economic and trade relations with 163 countries and regions, attracting more than 50,000 businessmen at home and abroad every day, and has important clothing wholesalers in Asia. Market, professional market of international food city and professional market of fabrics and accessories; rich in marine resources, with national first-class port Shihu Port, Xiangzhi National Central Fishing Port, container throughput and annual catch of seafood products account for half of Quanzhou area; The integrated development of tourism, the fusion of maritime silk culture, costume culture, lion culture, and southern Fujian culture, has three world cultural heritage sites in "Quanzhou: The World Marine Commerce and Trade Center of China in Song and Yuan Dynasties", namely Liusheng Tower, Shihu Wharf, Wanshou Pagoda; Shishi food and snacks are famous far and wide, radish rice appeared on CCTV "A Bite of China", moistened cakes, eight treasures taro paste, lions running, scorpion sea fish, two brine soup, five-spice rolls, oyster fried, bamboo Local specialties such as Sheng Feng tail shrimp were included in CCTV's "Hometown Taste (Stone Lion)". In order to comprehensively display the beautiful natural scenery, rich history and culture, and colorful folk customs of Shishi City, Li Cangchi, a bridge across the sea during construction Resource advantages, promote the development of tourism and modern service industry. The organizer co-hosts the "Fu Jian Shi Shi, Mirror Yan Hai Si" National Photography Exhibition, and warmly welcomes the active participation and contribution of photographers. Pagoda Xiaguang Guo Xiaoqing Photo Sponsor: China Photographic News Agency, Fujian Photographers Association, Propaganda Department of Shishi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Shishi City Federation of Trade Unions, Shishi City Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Shishi City Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Office of Education, Science, Culture and Health History Co-organizer: Quanzhou City Photographers Association, "Strait Photography" Magazine Organizer: Quanzhou Shishi Environmental and Ecological Protection Bureau, Shishi Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Shishi Photographers Association, Shishi Yuhu Food Co., Ltd., Shishi Yuhu Tofu Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. official website: ( Strategic cooperation media: Photo Channel, Meipian Photography, Photo Channel, Sohu Photography Channel, China Photographers Association Network, Image China Network, China Network Photo Center, China News Photo Network,, China Newspaper China Photography News Self-media: China Photography News WeChat Official Account, China Photography News Activity WeChat Official Account, Xinhua Account, Renmin Account, Meitian Account, Sina Weibo, Toutiao Collection and Promotion Platform: Meipian APP, Mobile Imaging APP, Qiantu APP Photo by Ye Xiaofeng, Haixi Artery Collection Contents: Comprehensive collection of works that reflect the natural scenery, history and culture, customs, marine scenery, economic development, etc. in Shishi City. Set up the following four categories for collection: 1. Silk Road Beauty and Lion Culture Collection: highlight the unique humanistic customs of Shishi, sea silk relics, lion culture, historical sites, folk festivals, cultural heritage, etc.; 2. City beauty, mountain and sea linkage: show Shishi city beauty, coastal scenery, rural revitalization, ecological environment; 3. Prosperous beauty and business capital: show Shishi's economic construction, urban life, business culture, food world; 4. Labor beauty and ingenuity: show Shishi model worker , artisan talents and front-line workers strive for progress, selfless dedication, and the era style of innovation. Collection time: February to October 10, 2022 (submissions must be delivered during this period) Honor setting and payment for the works: 100 works per group, each with a payment of RMB 600. All works in the exhibition will receive honorary certificates, and can accumulate application points for membership in accordance with the regulations of the China Photographers Association. The remuneration for the works entered into the exhibition shall be paid by the Shishi Photographers Association to the contributors, and the individual income tax shall be withheld and paid from it. Warm Harbor Qiu Guowei Details of the call for contributions: 1. All photographers can contribute. 2. There is no time limit for the creation of works, and there is no limit to the area within the administrative division of Shishi City. Recently created works are encouraged, single or group photos are not limited, and each group photo is limited to 4-8 pieces. 3. The work must be taken from the administrative division of Shishi City, and the specific shooting location should be indicated. For works with doubts about the shooting area, the contributors should go to the shooting location together with a lawyer entrusted by the organizer. If the work is confirmed to be shot within the designated area after investigation, the organizer shall bear the relevant lawyer fees and travel expenses; For the shooting within the designated area, the relevant legal fees, travel expenses, etc. shall be borne by the contributor; if the contributor fails to cooperate with the survey, his qualification will be directly cancelled. 4. After the selection, the organizer will uniformly retrieve the large-size digital files of the works to be exhibited (the maximum compressed file in JPG format is recommended to be no less than 5MB, and must contain complete exif data). Contributors who have been notified by the organizer must submit large-size digital files (scan the negatives for film shooting) to the organizer within the stipulated time. 5. The exhibition implements a publicity system for the selection results. The selected works will be announced on the official website of the exhibition - for a period of 7 days, and will be subject to social supervision during this period. After the publicity period expires, China Photography News will publish a selection of works in the exhibition, and will announce the exhibition list. 6. For the works entered into the exhibition, the main organizer has the right to use the works in the exhibition for the purposes related to this exhibition by means of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, screening, information network dissemination, compilation, etc. during the copyright period. works, and no longer pay. 7. The judges of the exhibition and their close relatives are prohibited from submitting manuscripts, and all qualifications will be cancelled at any time once they are found. 8. Contributors should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted works, and have independent, complete, clear, and undisputed copyrights for the entirety and components of the work; contributors should also ensure that the submitted works do not infringe The legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. 9. For works and behaviors that are enough to impede public order and good customs, once found, they will be immediately disqualified from participating in the exhibition. "Works and behaviors that obstruct public order and good customs" include but are not limited to all situations that may seriously mislead the public's cognition, have a fraudulent nature, etc., violate laws, morals, public order or good customs. 10. Those who do not meet the requirements of this call for contributions cannot participate in the election; those who have already entered the exhibition will be disqualified; the organizer has the right to withdraw the remuneration and honorary certificates of the works, and can notify them in the media. 11. The exhibition does not charge participation fees, does not return manuscripts, and does not return storage media. If the submitted works are damaged, lost, or late or not arrived during the mailing or sending process, the relevant losses and consequences shall be borne by the contributors themselves. 12. The right to interpret this call for papers belongs to the organizer. All contributors are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this Call for Papers. Harvest Season Chen Jinzhan Photo Selection: The organizer organizes experts and scholars for review. Contribution method: 1. Online submission: Official website: Authors can register in the "Fu Jian Shishi Mirror Yanhaisi" National Photography Exhibition in the "Exhibition" section of (, and fill in the truth as required Upload your work after personal information. The organizer promises not to disclose or disclose the non-public information of the contributors. The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 800-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 200-500KB. Promotion and solicitation platform: Contributors can also register and participate in the submission in the Meipian APP, mobile imaging APP, and Qiantu APP. 2. Contributions on CD-ROM and U-disk: The name of the exhibition should be indicated on the CD-ROM and U-disk packaging box, and the title of the work should be indicated in the file name of each work, and the information of the contributors and the submitted work form (word document) should be provided at the same time. The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 800-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 200-500KB. For submissions without relevant information, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify them from participating in the evaluation. The submitted works will be mailed in the form of compact disc (CD-R or DVD-R) and U disk storage to: "Fukujian Shishi Mirror Yanhaisi" National Photography University, No. 48, Dong42tiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China The exhibition office receives (10007) the submission hotline: 010-652516613. The online and CD-ROM and U-disk submissions must not be repeated.

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