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International Independent Photographers: Appreciation of the Works of the Winners of the Travel Photography Contest

2023-01-29 04:22:50 [Dark ]
International Independent Photographers: Appreciation of the Works of the Winners of the Travel Photography Contest

The international independent photographers website has just announced the winners of a travel photography competition! Images from more than 30 different countries were reviewed layer by layer, and 10 winners and finalists were selected by judge Steve McCurry.

Travel Photo Contest Judge: Steve McCurry

For over three decades, Steve McCurry has been is one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography and has created a unique collection of works that include some of the most famous images of our time. McCurry's work spans conflict, disappearing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary cultures - but always retains the human element that makes his famous image of Afghan girls so powerful. He has held numerous exhibitions around the world and has received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including the Robert Capa Gold Award, the National Press Photographer Award, and an unprecedented four World Press Photo First Prizes. McCurry is the author of more than a dozen books, including Iconic Photos (2011), Untold: The Story Behind the Photos (2013), Afghanistan (2017), and Life in Pictures (2018) ). We're delighted to showcase the work of 10 artists who showcase incredible talent.

Robi Chakraborty – 1st place. PRIZE - $1000

"Safina" - Hajipil, India "Portrait of a young girl named Safina and her aunt in Hajipil's hut." "This photo contains my Most of the elements you look for in a successful photo. For me, a successful portrait is one that captures the life of others and tells the human condition. I'm always drawn to a picture that shows the natural situation and doesn't feel too posed The color is interesting, and the light is indirect and soft.” —Steve McCurry

David Key Si Brown – 2nd. PRIZE – $600

“Lash Blaster” - Bangkok, Thailand, 2020 “Three women use a hair dryer to help fix their newly acquired lashes in Bangkok, Thailand.” “For me, a good photo tells a story Stories, whether it's portraiture, human behavior, or how we live on this planet. This image is a great example of an interesting study of human behavior. It's got a bit of humor mixed with a part of real life. Nothing like this Unguarded moments always make for a compelling story." - Steve McCurry

Nicolas Castermans – 3rd . Prize - $400

"The Last Andean Cowboys" - Colombia "Few people know that in several of Colombia's mountain ranges, mountains and volcanoes reach their peaks at an altitude of over 5,000 meters. For centuries, these lands have Colombians on the eastern coast have always lived in isolation, far from civilization. But with the development of big cities in the valley, and the promise of a 'better' and more comfortable life, the lifestyle of these 'Vaqueros' - cowboys - is slowly disappearing." "Nicolas Castermans' portrayal of Colombia's 'Vacro' is a superb image that conveys the isolation and dignity of his rapidly declining culture. Beautifully composed, we The subject is depicted in front of his grazing horses, as if offering protection, while behind them, the verdant peaks of clouds—which the couple navigate each day as a whole—fascinate to the horizon.” – Independent Photographer Editor< h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right" data-track="22">F. Dilek Uyar – Finalist “The Flock” – Bitlis, Turkey “The Flock Dust in Bitlis, Turkey Flying, arduous journey. The flock follows this dusty road to the highlands, where they graze after milking until mid-July. The number of sheep in Bitlis, Turkey is dwindling. Animal owners unable to receive state aid Turning to other sources of income by selling their animals. Probably in 5 years we won't be able to take pictures like this anymore."

Chiara Felmini – Finalist

"Sacha" - Yamal Peninsula, Russia "In the tent of the Nenets (close friends), the man is no longer the undisputed leader, because the task falls to the woman. But Sacha His gaze seemed to emphasize that he knew all the questions and all the answers, both inside and outside of the confidant."

Joanna Steidle – Finalist

“Corral” “The drone photo was taken off the coast of Southampton, NY. This is a school of herring, most likely a spinner shark.”

Felicia Simion – Finalist

"Titicaca"-Peru "Women playing volleyball on Lake Titicaca, Peru."

Drew Hopper - Finalist

"Untitled" - Bangladesh

Giulio Montini – Finalist

"Untitled" - Java, Indonesia "In Indonesia, the island of Java has kava Ijen Volcano. In the crater, these people extracted sulfur. A difficult and dangerous job. I spent hours with them doing presentations. "

Margo Ryan - Finalist

"Return" - Madagascar "Women come to help fishermen fight when storm is approaching canoe. This photo was taken in Madagascar. "

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