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Autumn season in the east of the United States

2022-11-27 02:08:52 [Retro ]
Autumn season in the east of the United States

The charming scenery is in the east of the United States, and the steam train is rumbling. The bay is deeply soaked for sightseeing, and the riverside cruise is thick. Organically grown in Lyman orchards, crispy apples are being tasted. Goethe's architecture stands at Yale, and the morning sun adorns the classical palace. Climbing the mountain to see New Haven, the whole perspective is autumnal. The sun is setting, and the mountains are gradually hidden, and the sky is endless. The Huberian Tower on the top of the mountain is full of picturesque maple leaves. The layers of forest are full of dye and vomit, and it is particularly enchanting and surging. 2022.9.24 Note: September and October are the best autumn seasons in the eastern United States. A Connecticut steam train rides near the tidal wetlands of Platte Sound and Chester Creek; a riverboat cruise on the Connecticut River is another story; Lyman Orchard's organic "Eco-Apples" are different from regular apples The classical beauty of Yale University with Gothic architecture; the panoramic view of New Haven is full of autumn scenery; the 165-foot-high Huberian Tower is on the top of Tarkett, the autumn wind lifts up, the forests are dyed and the colors are full of colors. gorgeous. Connecticut Steam Train Connecticut River Lyman Orchard Yale University Yale University Huber Lane Tower New Haven Panorama

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