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Home screen + lock screen wallpaper is stitched like this, super super super nice

2022-12-08 07:24:54 [Light ]
Home screen + lock screen wallpaper is stitched like this, super super super nice

Hello~ Good morning everyone! Many times when we open our phone, the first thing we see is the lock screen wallpaper. Setting a wallpaper that you like and look good will make you feel happy. ©"Sentu" applet I also shared a little trick to easily find wallpapers before, click on "Super beautiful high-definition mobile wallpapers, change them immediately! ! 』You can learn more about it~ And today, I will continue to share with you a super fun collage wallpaper technique, DIY photos to become wallpapers, very interesting! We can collage multiple photos we like, individuals, couples, You can try photos with clear subjects such as girlfriends, pets, etc. ~ Instantly make mobile wallpapers different! To achieve this effect, we use the "Awakening" APP to operate. Interested friends remember to like and watch~ Thank you for your support! - Awake Picture - Applicable platforms: Android, iOSONE.ˉ The first step is to open the "Awake Picture" APP, click "Import", click "Add Canvas" on the left, choose wallpaper for scale, and black for color. After selecting, click Download in the upper right corner to save this black wallpaper photo to the album. The next step is to reopen the photo and click "Import Photo" in the bottom column, mainly to select the photo that needs to be stitched and cut out. We import the first photo, click "Smart Cutout" in the cutout interface, and automatically cut out the main body of the character. Click "Preview" to check whether the cutout is complete, and the edge details can be adjusted by selecting a brush or an eraser. After the character is cut out, you can zoom in, move it to the position below the black wallpaper, and then import the next photo to cut out the same operation, and import as many photos as you need to stitch. I need to put together 4 photos here, so I imported 4 photos in turn and cut them out. Superimpose and stitch the photos upward, move them to the appropriate position according to the image content, select the photos, and click "Adjust Order" to adjust the photo layers, which is more convenient for typesetting. TWO.ˉ Step 2 Next, we can add decorative embellishments to the stitched picture, click "Graffiti Pen", select the fourth brush style, reduce the brush size to about 16, and stroke according to the edges of the characters. Different keying can change different brush styles, which can make the picture more rich and interesting. Generally, it is better to choose the styles 1, 2 and 4. After drawing the edge, we continue to click "Material Pen", select some cute material to decorate the screen, such as bubbles, and paint it on the black background and other blank spaces. We can also add material of stars, further embellish the picture, shrink the brush to the minimum, and then smear on the photo. If you make a mistake, you can go back to the previous step, or click the eraser to erase. To stitch multiple photos together, if the tone of some photos needs to be adjusted, we can click the photos individually to adjust. First select the photo and click "Adjust". For example, if the face of the person is yellow, we can reduce the natural saturation and increase some contrast, and the face will become white. Finally, if you want to modify the face makeup of the character, you can click "Merge Layers", and then click "Portrait" ➟ "Beauty" to decorate it~ Okay! Do you think it's very easy to make super interesting stitching wallpapers~ You can arrange your own beautiful photos together and display them on the wallpaper, with a sense of ceremony! Friends who like it remember to like it and watch it~ If you want to know more about how to play mobile phone wallpapers, you can click the subtitle below to expand reading to learn.

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