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In the age of spiritual loss, healing people with "Utopian" space design

2022-12-08 05:46:50 [Light ]
In the age of spiritual loss, healing people with "Utopian" space design

In the third year of the epidemic, everyone's heart is full of exhaustion. Hot searches are often filled with negative news. Air tickets for vacation trips have been cancelled again and again. Nucleic acid and isolation have been experienced countless times, and the meeting with best friends is far away... People are at a loss and indifferent. Coerced by the tide of the times, go with the flow. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. There is such an interesting phenomenon: in the era of spiritual loss and poverty, people always yearn for a utopian world like an ideal country. Life there is rich and happy, and everyone's heart is settled and content. However, in an era when material life is rich and people don’t have to work hard to make a living, people start to be wary of “hedonism” again and regard the utopian world as a spiritual opium, and they always have to worry about the “dystopian world”. History loops endlessly like a Mobius ring. At the moment of being hit by the epidemic, people have undoubtedly rekindled their desire for a utopian world. So we saw a sudden explosion of camping. The people tried their best to break free from the shackles and constraints of reality, and went to the farthest place they were allowed to go. Even if maybe it's just a suburb around the city. After all, people always have to chase something, and always want to escape something. In the field of space design, the "Utopian" design style has also been sought after and loved again. No one will not yearn for such a building: a library design that is close to the mountains and the sea, far away from the downtown area. Whether it is the exterior of the building, the interior of the space, or the things carried in the space itself, it conveys a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to people. The dream-like space design and the rich collection of books complement each other, making people believe that in such a space, they can reap the enjoyment of both visual and spiritual beauty. For those who love to read, this is a utopian paradise hidden from the world. The most classic line in the animated movie "City in the Sky" is: Our loneliness is like a city floating in the sky, as if it is a secret, but it is impossible to tell. And someone built a house that seemed to float in the air. From a distance, it looks like clouds floating in the countryside. The terrace on the second floor is also ingenious, and walking through it is like walking on the streets and alleys of the cold and clear Iceland. Such an ingenious villa design is another escape for urbanites. The hut is in a human environment, without the noise of carriages and horses. Ask Jun He Nenger? Distracted from the heart. This cafe design on a downtown street is perhaps the best interpretation of this poem. The entire interior is warm and peaceful. When people sit in the house and look out of the window, the indoor and outdoor spaces seem to be temporarily cut into two completely different worlds. It's a hidden joy to sit down and order a cup of coffee and look out the window at the toiling people. When people's spiritual world is hit by severe reality again and again, in order not to collapse, they will spontaneously search for an ideal world that is detached from real life. Does Utopia Really Exist? It has never been around for long, at least so far. But if we are lucky enough, we can create a short-lived utopian world for ourselves through spatial design, where we can collect lost hearts and comfort wandering travelers. This is also the magical effect that space design can give.

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