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Continue to "Wait and See" - photographer Jiang Jian keeps recording a city with a mobile phone, a group of people

2023-04-02 15:57:57 [Dark ]
Continue to "Wait and See" - photographer Jiang Jian keeps recording a city with a mobile phone, a group of people

The wonderful pictures of frozen moments, the ordinary stories of ordinary people are told through the lens, and the historical moments from ordinary life to passion are recorded. This is the charm of documentary photography. As the photographer wrote in the preface of "Wait and See 4", "In our daily life, we are faced with common and familiar pictures. If we learn to observe and feel this familiar world from another angle, , you will find a lot of fresh and interesting "different", you can't help but press the shutter to capture the special moment, this is what makes street photography happy - it makes ordinary life rich and interesting And charming." The "Wait and See" photo album has also been recorded for four years. Today, let's follow the wonderful pictures of the fourth episode of "Wait and See" to see what kind of interesting stories the photographer Jiang Jian brings. The fourth episode of "Wait and See" The living conditions of Hong Kong in the post-epidemic era. What has not changed is the masks that cannot be removed. What has changed is people's mentality to calmly face the possible epidemic closure and control at any time. The pictures of relaxed and happy are everywhere. . Life is not easy, everyone is working hard to move forward, Elysian Street, Central, Hong Kong Island. The real beauty of life is that no matter how noisy and lonely the outside world is, you always remain calm and calm inside. - Murong Suyi, Chun Yeung Street, North Point, Hong Kong Island. No matter left or right, keep moving forward, it is always closer to happiness than standing still, Snow Factory Street, Central, Hong Kong Island. Looking back again, the back is far away... Only the endless long road is with me, - Su Rui, "Looking Back Again" Stanley Street, Hong Kong Island. Only slowly did I realize that no matter where I go, the so-called scenery is actually by my side, Sai Kung North Port in the New Territories. Looking at the problem from another angle, life will show another kind of beauty, Bay Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island. It is the photographer's original intention to pick up the mobile phone and walk on the street, and capture the interesting stories that happened in the streets with sincerity and enthusiasm. "Walking, I found that every photo is a mirror. The true self also learns to observe and record the little things in life with a more peaceful, delicate and simple mentality." - Jiang Jian Last night, I dreamed of myself. Become an eagle, soar in the vast blue sky. ——Lei Wen's "Wings" Sometimes you think the sky is about to fall, but you are actually standing crooked! Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island. Only the mask can understand the sadness of the clown, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island. Maybe sometimes, the world is not as beautiful as we imagined, but it does not prevent us from loving it, Gelin Street, Central, Hong Kong Island. Art is an imaginary that brings us to reality. —— Picasso The lord of Tai Kwun, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong Island is a sword, killing the Quartet; - Classic Quotations from "The Need for a Young Master" Sai Kung, Sai Kung, New Territories, leisurely folds the sea pomegranate and crosses the green path, and the snow cat plays against the wind and flowers. —— Qin Guan "Butterfly Loves Flowers" The ultimate goal of a happy life on Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong Island, is not happiness, but no pain in the body and no trouble in the soul. ——Although the epidemic is far from over in Sai Kung, Epicurean New Territories, people use their own methods to deal with the inconveniences in their lives and return to their normal track. Pictures are everywhere. At the subway station, a couple boldly showed their love. The picture of hugging together and the mother and daughter hugging in the propaganda poster next to them looked so warm; no amount of wind and rain could stop young people in love from taking selfies; children in the square Climbing up and down with laughter and laughter; the crowded shopping malls make people firmly believe in the determination and calmness of the Hong Kong government to deal with the epidemic. Years and last year, I have come and gone, and I have been sleeping on the old monk's bed for a while. Startled back to the dream of wandering immortals, and chased the warbler over the short wall. ——Sima Guang's "Collection of Poems" When I met my son on Zhongzheng Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Island, it was no different sadness and joy. —— Tao Yuanming's "Shadows" The childhood at Kennedy Town MTR station on Hong Kong Island is a splendid painting, who used his dexterous hands to paint the years into pieces of color, dancing between his fingers, Western District, Hong Kong Island Sea Central Park. You see these white clouds gather and disperse, disperse and gather again, the separation and reunion of life, the same is true. —— Jin Yong's "The Condor Heroes" Kowloon Fei'eshan Observation Deck to see the world, it turned out to be so beautiful, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong Island. In the ordinary food, there is an extraordinary life, the Tangchang Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island. The photographer recorded with his mobile phone, and recorded the city and the brave people in this city that have been baptized by the epidemic through the "Wait and See" series of photo albums! The people of Hong Kong who forge ahead resolutely in the wind and rain also have a bright and splendid tomorrow ahead! Text | Wang Xiaoping gathers and disperses a glass of wine in sorrow and joy, and travels thousands of miles from north to south from east to west. -- Yuan. Wang Shifu The East Side Street of Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Island, why do you need to ask about the floating life, only this floating life is a dream, the ancient temple of Tin Hau, Fotang Gate, Clear Water Bay, New Territories. Life is like this, worrying, worrying, and restricting; after walking a certain distance, and looking back, it is also vivid, beautiful and free. Tseung Kwan O, New Territories. The purpose of life is to enjoy life, Cox Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island. Some sounds can only be heard by meditation; some sounds can be heard by meditation, Hoi Pong Street, Sai Kung, New Territories. Photographer's brief introduction: Jiang Jian, a native of Beijing, now lives in Hong Kong. Filmed with a mobile phone on the way to and from get off work, and has published "Wait and See" series I, II, III and IV photo albums.

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