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2013 International Award for Best Emerging Photographer of the Year: I like to create magic with my camera

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2013 International Award for Best Emerging Photographer of the Year: I like to create magic with my camera

The garden became a refuge from the outside world for French photographer Alexandra Sophie. Digital Japan, 2015. Photographer Alexandra Sophie's clients include Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and a long list of iconic fashion brands. Despite her rise to fame, she continued to live a peaceful and easy life in the French countryside. Alexandra Sophie (b. 1992) is a French visual artist and photographer. Her studies at university were interrupted when her autism no longer allowed her to pursue a traditional education. She surrounds her home garden with flowers and her young sisters with her beloved snow-white Madanae.

Stay connected, always have a relationship with everyone, always find a balance in your personal work, which of course is always better than any paid job important.

At the age of eight, the girl received a camera as a gift from her parents. The parents did everything possible to encourage her daughter's hobby. Not feeling lonely among her peers. Alexandra's photographs speak to this fusion of messages of special perception of the world, female authenticity, vulnerability, and belief in the mystical components of our lives. When she started using her camera for photography. It was quickly discovered by fashion executives. Korean Harper's Bazaar, 2017. The unique world of photographer Alexandra Sophie photographer is a sensitive mirror, she strives to show the flawless side of nature, every feature of which is beautiful and unique. Portuguese fashion. When photographer Alexandra Sophie was 22, her clients already included multiple editions of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, and she was a TEDx speaker. In 2013, he won the international award "Best Emerging Photographer of the Year", and in 2018, he was selected into Forbes' famous "30 under 30" list. Named her one of the "30 Under 30" photographers to watch. "I was photographing snails, primroses, my sisters, in the garden, and it kind of naturally became a profession," recalls Alexandra. She joked that when 8-year-old Alexandra took her first photo, she was very disappointed. "I thought I saw monsters, aliens or ghosts, but none of the photos that came out showed up." Alexandra now lives in a large orchard with her family, who hopes to live independently around the countryside. When she's not photographing in fields and forests around the world, Alexandra travels to universities and festivals as a speaker. Elie Saab Spring 2023 Bridal Photographer Alexandra Sophie

There is no need to try a particular style that is not yours, because you will be looking for you uniqueness.

Stylish Scandinavian. Photographer Alexandra Sophie maintains a childlike eye to the world even as an adult. The girl is trying to prove that the word "normal" doesn't exist and that each person's uniqueness has special value. Alexandra Sophie is a self-taught French photographer who loves creating magic with her camera, capturing love, fairies, childhood dreams and fragile emotions.

I love ice cream, witches and aliens. I like to run in the field in a skirt.

I don't like superficial things, I prefer everything in natural form. I long for a comfortable and safe life. I dropped out of school early due to health issues, but I have been studying the world alone, reading books, where I sit, and observing human behavior and actions. Then I realized that it didn't quite match what we used to tell in fairy tales. Sad and nostalgic seeing everyone ready to kill for work, I assigned myself a task to prove to everyone that softness, love, dream time and innocence still exist. Photographer Alexandra Sophie

A harmonious world between us and nature, where everyone cares about each other and loves freely.

Photographer Alexandra Sophie One day I was sitting on a bench looking at people who wanted to miss the bus. I stood against the wall watching the teens come out of school laughing at each other. I think it's totally at odds with what we're used to seeing in fairy tales. I want to show that the harmonious world between us and nature still exists, where everyone takes care of each other and is free in love. "Alexandra describes herself as a self-taught photographer, but her extensive independent experience suggests this girl has gone through a serious school.

Her The style of photography is bright, sunny, and gentle. She always emphasizes not to have too much romanticism. It's not always easy.

Big fashion brands contact me because they like my style and Work. And the goal of the shoot is really, do what I want and remember I'm shooting my work. Then they're like sponsors. They give me access to top models, big brands, big teams. Russia, 2015. Photographer Alexandra Sophie So all the brand has to do is do my thing, also supported by all these people. Although sometimes it's not as easy as we think. For Chanel, 2021 Years. Photographer Alexandra Sophie was on set, sometimes there were 25 people, and everyone had their own point of view, and everyone was constantly thinking about their own style. So I had to go through these and create something that made everyone I'm satisfied with the work. And because I'm a bit shy, sometimes I don't like when there are a lot of people. Sometimes we ask a part of the team to be in the back so that not everyone is staring at the actual scene. There is no need to try a different Belong to your specific style because what you will be looking for is your uniqueness. Maintaining that also takes a lot of work. For example, social media that I've been using lately. It's a lot of work and maintaining it is a full-time job. Today, Alexandra lives in France with her husband and two children, and they want to be as self-sufficient as possible around their hives and orchards. She travels regularly to universities and festivals around the world, as well as to fields and forests, Take pictures in it. Alexandra's work never strays from the flowers in her garden. Today, Alexandra Sophie's photographs speak to a desire for identity, simplicity and communion with nature. They It's about the fact that socially imposed norms actually bind us and rob us of our intrinsic worth. This girl shows off her model's naturalness: body hair, stretch marks, pregnancy, a female body that is far from model standards. She Calling to see the true beauty of a person, like she sees a flower, it is beautiful in itself and needs no embellishment. The photographer believes that the more we talk about this, the more it blurs and binds our hands and feet, Understanding "norms". For Dior, 2022. Photographer Alessandra Sophie "I believe many little things would be more welcome if we were more accustomed to seeing them. All to be slim, depilated, and have flawless skin. These are just unreasonable demands that you don't have to follow. "The crowning achievement of Alexandra Sophie's ten-year career is her book Rain of Flowers. The girl in it ponders how to be human in the context of the world around her, exploring the femininity intertwined with floral motifs." Authenticity.

Artist Profile:

Alexandra Sophie is a French photographer. She stays at home all day due to autism, can't go to school, can't go out, she is surrounded by her first camera in the garden with her sisters. Her sensitivity to light is usually a part of everyday life A hassle that quickly turned into an opportunity as she learned to master it. Soon, her work was recognized in the fashion world. By the age of 22, her regulars included multiple editions of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, Swarovski, Chanel or Dior, Forbes lists her as one of 30 followers under the age of 30. End Disclaimer: Respect for originality, and the images and texts contained in the manuscript are for the public good of communication Purpose. Since the content is not original on this site, the content such as pictures and text cannot be contacted with the copyright owner one by one, and the original editing is for the purpose of simply learning and sharing. If the content copyright owner thinks that this reprint is inappropriate, it involves copyright and portrait rights Disputes, please contact to delete, all rights reserved, reprint please indicate the source.

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