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The design performance experience is comprehensively improved, vivo X Fold+ folding screen is officially released

2023-03-31 02:12:05 [Retro ]
The design performance experience is comprehensively improved, vivo X Fold+ folding screen is officially released

On September 26, 2022, vivo officially released the high-end version of the X Fold series of folding screen mobile phones - X Fold+. On the basis of vivo X Fold, vivo X Fold+ has been comprehensively improved in terms of design, performance, experience, etc. It is not only equipped with the industry-leading Snapdragon 8+ customized SPU security chip, but also further enhances the battery life of the product. Bring a better software experience and a new Huaxia red color scheme. Huang Tao, vice president of vivo products, said: "Since vivo's first folding screen X Fold, we have positioned it as a professional folding flagship, which is not only the emphasis on a product, but also means that vivo is full of the future development of the folding form. Confidence." Since the release date, a number of world-leading technologies for folding screens, including 120Hz folding giant screen, 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint, 50W wireless flash charging, etc., have made vivo X Fold a true integrator. Leading the folding screen mobile phone market into the 2.0 era. On the vivo X Fold, vivo provides Qingshan blue and phoenix gray. On the basis of these two color schemes, vivo X Fold+ has added a new color matching of Huaxia Red. The launch of the new color matching Huaxia Red also represents vivo's tribute to the forging ahead, pioneering and innovative of Chinese civilization. In terms of design concept, vivo X Fold+ still follows the design language of the previous work "round sky and place", and integrates the speculative spirit of "square" and "circle" of Chinese civilization into the design expression. The strong is stronger vivo X Fold+ is equipped with Snapdragon 8+ custom SPU security chip and 80W dual-battery flash charge With a powerful overall configuration, vivo X Fold is known as the "folding screen ceiling" as soon as it comes out. This time, the vivo X Fold+ has been further upgraded in terms of configuration, which can be described as "the stronger is stronger". In terms of processors, vivo cooperated with Qualcomm to jointly develop the Snapdragon 8+ custom SPU security chip. Compared with the X Fold's processor, the Snapdragon 8+ custom SPU security chip has stronger performance and lower power consumption, truly achieving both performance and power consumption. In terms of battery life, vivo's engineers increased the battery capacity of the X Fold+ to an equivalent of 4730mAh* without increasing the size and weight of the body, and the overall battery life has increased by more than 20%. In terms of wired charging, the vivo X Fold+ is equipped with a folding screen and the first 80W dual-battery flash charge can be charged to 70% in about 18 minutes and 100% in about 35 minutes. In terms of wireless charging, 50W wireless charging can be charged to 10% in as fast as 4 minutes, and to 100% in as fast as 53 minutes. Finally, the vivo X Fold+ also comes standard with a PD dual Type-C socket gallium nitride charger, which can meet the charging needs of multiple electronic devices. Not only that, relying on the in-depth joint adjustment of vivo and Qualcomm, on the one hand, the performance of the Snapdragon 8+ custom SPU security chip has been fully released. A whole new experience. In addition, the custom SPU security chip of vivo X Fold+ is designed based on the CC EAL4+ security level, which can meet the security requirements of financial-level scenarios. At the same time, vivo X Fold+ also supports stealth mode and atomic privacy system, making user data and usage scenarios more secure. Both inside and outside are amazing. vivo X Fold+ is equipped with internal and external dual flagship main screen folding screen mobile phone. The experience that is hard to use starts from the giant screen of vivo X Fold+. vivo X Fold+ is equipped with an 8-inch large inner screen with a resolution of up to 2160*1916. Both internal and external screens of vivo X Fold+ support a high refresh rate of 120Hz. As one of the most critical parts of a folding screen phone, the quality of the hinge is directly related to the user experience. The vivo X Fold+ is equipped with an aerospace-grade worry-free hinge, which truly folds reliably. At the same time, with the zirconium alloy floating mid-plate design and UTG ultra-tough glass, vivo X Fold+ truly folds without worry and flattens like a mirror. In terms of unlocking method, vivo X Fold+ is equipped with a 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint, which has achieved an innovative breakthrough in fingerprint recognition technology, with stronger resistance to environmental interference, faster unlocking speed and higher security. Refuse to be big and useless The vivo X Fold+ creates a user experience that is difficult to use. Compared with ordinary mobile phones, the "big" of folding screen mobile phones is an innate advantage, but how to make full use of this advantage and refuse to be big and useless is in front of mobile phone manufacturers. an important question. Starting in 2020, vivo has actively promoted the establishment of the "Golden Label Alliance", and has taken the lead in formulating a set of industry standards to further standardize the ecological environment of mobile smart terminals. In August this year, vivo and many manufacturers released the "Big Screen Adaptation White Paper", allowing huge application developers to join the folding screen ecosystem more efficiently and at a lower cost, bringing users a better software ecosystem and adaptation. At present, vivo X Fold+ has achieved TOP 5000+ APP compatibility, 200+ APP key adaptation, and commonly used high-frequency APPs have achieved deep adaptation. The large inner screen of vivo X Fold+ can better fit the usage habits of business office workers, and its built-in application split screen, application clone, and WeChat tablet mode can greatly improve office efficiency. Not only that, the super multi-tasking foreground of vivo X Fold+ can open up to 2 small windows at the same time, the split-screen dual small windows can support the simultaneous operation of 4 task apps, and the background can hang up to 12 small window applications at the same time, only one The mobile phone can complete a series of operations such as program editing, PPT review, file transfer, and WeChat communication at the same time. Relying on the hover function, vivo X Fold+ can realize a series of unique interactive experiences. Functions such as hovering calls and hovering watching movies can help users free their hands; in addition, the external screen display lock of vivo X Fold+ supports tent mode, screen mode and desk calendar mode. Zeiss' full-focus flagship four-camera vivo X Fold+ creates a foldable screen image ceiling image section, and vivo X Fold+ continues to work with Zeiss to give mobile phones powerful image performance. The vivo X Fold+ lenses are equipped with Zeiss T* coating with excellent optical performance. This coating has strong anti-glare ability, and can enhance visible light transmittance, improve image quality, and accurately restore the color of objects, providing high-quality products for high-end people. Pure optical experience. In order to make the vivo X Fold+ more comprehensive, it is equipped with four cameras at all focal lengths, which are rare in flagships. When Zeiss meets the folding screen, more new video games will be unlocked. The vivo X Fold+ supports the external screen help shooting function, and the internal and external screens display the shooting screen at the same time. Users can see their own screen through the external screen preview display, adjust their posture and expressions, and then take more satisfactory photos. At the same time, vivo X Fold+ also supports rear Selfie, and the comprehensive qualities such as resolution, light sensitivity, and field of view are better than the front camera, and the Selfie effect is even better. In addition, X Fold+ also supports hovering selfies and time-lapse photography, using the multi-angle hovering form of the mobile phone itself, combined with vivo's gestures, palm shutter, etc., to completely liberate the user's hands. In addition, vivo announced at the press conference that it has reached a cooperation with the FIFA World Cup again, and the vivo X Fold+ will become the official global mobile phone of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar TM. In terms of price, vivo X Fold+ is available in 12GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB configurations, priced at 9999 yuan and 10999 yuan respectively. It is reported that at present, vivo X Fold+ has opened pre-sale in online and offline channels such as vivo official website and other major stores. During the first sale period (September 26-October 7), users who book and purchase vivo X Fold+ have the opportunity to get A series of exclusive purchase privileges such as limited gifts.

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