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World Tourism Day, Capture the Good Life with Nikon Cameras

2022-12-08 08:41:03 [Retro ]
World Tourism Day, Capture the Good Life with Nikon Cameras

On September 27, 1970, the International Official Tourism Federation adopted the World Tourism Organization Charter at its special congress. To commemorate this day, the Third Congress of the World Tourism Organization officially designated September 27 as "World Tourism Day". The theme of this year's "World Tourism Day" is "Rethinking Tourism", calling on countries around the world to re-examine the tourism industry in the context of the epidemic, promote the recovery of the tourism industry and maintain the sustainable development of tourism. Nikon actively adheres to the concept of sustainable development, scientifically plans the resource consumption in design, development, and production, and contributes to environmental protection, taking various measures to preserve the beautiful ecology of the earth. At the same time, the Nikon Z 30 and Zfc are favored for their excellent performance and portability, helping travelers to record what they see on their journeys and convey their love to the world. This autumn, although it may be inconvenient to travel far, the beauty around you is also worth recording. Nikon encourages photographers to record the travel time with their cameras and preserve the memory of the earth with light and shadow. Nikon Z 30 The Z 30 is an entry-level mirrorless camera with video functions launched by Nikon this summer. Its lightweight and compact body allows users to hold it with one hand and easily record the travel process. The convenient flip screen design makes it easy for those who travel alone to take selfies. The Z 30 has an excellent autofocus system to help travelers record every moment of the journey in time and retain every wonderful moment. In terms of battery life, the Z 30 can support long-term shooting of about 125 minutes, helping travelers to record their journey throughout the journey. In addition, as an entry-level model, the Z 30 is simple and quick to operate. Even users who are new to the camera can easily shoot high-quality images and enjoy the fun of light and shadow creation. The built-in 20 creative Picture Control options can also reduce the time and effort of post-processing, making it convenient for travelers to share their wonderful journeys with friends and family. Nikon Zfc Nikon Z fc adopts a unique retro-style design, and has won the love of photography enthusiasts with its high appearance and high performance. At the same time, Zfc has 7 kinds of colors of the body for consumers to choose, to help users show fashion taste, to achieve individual expression. Zfc is equipped with a flip display, which can be easily solved whether it is shooting landscapes, people or selfies. The high sensitivity ensures that photos and high-quality videos with less noise, clear details and textures can be taken even when traveling at night, enabling travelers to shoot anytime, anywhere. In addition, the Zfc adopts a magnesium alloy body design, which is light and easy to carry, and at the same time, it is durable and adaptable to various environments during the journey. On September 27, the "World Tourism Day" came as scheduled. This September, bring a Nikon mirrorless camera to record the beauty of the world and experience the unique charm of travel!

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