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How to take good pictures of children? 9 Tips for Parents

2022-12-08 08:18:01 [Retro ]
How to take good pictures of children? 9 Tips for Parents

Tips for Photographing Children

Children are one of the most “difficult” models when it comes to photographing portraits. Hyperactive, on a whim, curious, afraid of adults holding big things (cameras) in their hands... It is difficult to take pictures of children. They either crawl away or run away, and if you suddenly manage to take a picture of them in the right place at the right time, nine times out of 10, the picture is not what you want. So how do you take better pictures of your kids? Photographing children is one of the most challenging photo shoots. Whether you're a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or just a dad with a camera, children's behavior can be unpredictable. They act fast, don't follow posing instructions, touch your camera and create chaos around you.

1. Choose a suitable venue

This time I create a set of children's nostalgic time themes in the 1990s, first go to the old street After looking at the venue, I decided that it was suitable to set a few camera positions to shoot at the shooting venue.

2. Choose appropriate clothes and props for the shoot

The clothes and props worn by children in the 1990s are all online When buying, props and clothes should be in harmony with the environment of the venue. Small vests and shorts, watermelon, soda, paper airplanes, etc. These elements become more and more natural.

3. Involve children in creating

One of the things that is very helpful for the ideal shoot is getting children involved in photography in the process. Allowing a child to explore the environment, letting him get carried away with a subject or playing, makes it easier to get a child's natural photos.

4. Maintain a safe shutter speed to catch the children's movements

If you are shooting in semi-auto or manual mode, make sure you have a high speed Shutter speed, the child is always moving this ensures that the photo is not blurred. Children are always on the move. Trampolines, slides, merry-go-rounds, sports, these are the activities that children enjoy. When capturing motion pictures, set your camera to a safe shutter speed. If you are still using the automatic setting, use only the sport setting.

5. High-speed continuous shooting

Today's major camera manufacturers in the world are rushing to launch mirrorless flagship models, all with high speed and high speed Pixels, high sensitivity, and benchmark settings for sports and ecology (animals, birds) photography are shot in "continuous shooting" mode, that is, 5-20, 30, or even 120 still frames per second. You can capture interesting poses and rich expressions to capture wonderful moments.

6. Shoot at eye level of the child

Sit down and shoot at his height - only if this is the case , the proportions of the children will not be distorted.

7. Pay attention to the composition

Unless your artistic intentions require it, photo crop composition is mainly to cut off the arm, leg or head. Avoid distracting details, such as noticing that there are no trees growing above your head, etc.

8. Choose the best shooting position, foreground and background

Quickly find a camera position when your child is having fun. Pay attention to the foreground and background of the shot, so that you can get a satisfactory photo when you have time to press the shutter.

9. Be patient at the end

Children are often active and not always ready to follow instructions. So try to make friends with them in a short period of time. They should be happy to play with you. After getting acquainted, you shoot them with your camera. Children will ignore the presence of the camera, and such photos will often appear more natural. When filming becomes a game, even the most restless child becomes an active creator of filming. Just be patient and you can take great pictures too! End
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