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How "powerful" is the "German flavor" of Leica cameras?

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How "powerful" is the "German flavor" of Leica cameras?

The visual color system of Leica cameras has always been at the level of industry leaders, and good works are often described as "German flavor", and even more so, "Dude University, sharp and milky". *Poison means that the filming is good and people are fascinated by "poisoning". German flavor refers to the unique flavor captured by German cameras and lenses. "Knife-sharp" means that the inside of the photo is sharp and sharp like a knife, and "milky" means that the outside of the focus is soft and beautiful like cream. The combination of the two is indeed a common feature of the imaging quality of Leica cameras and lenses. It makes many laymen sound more like a kind of "metaphysics", so that many people around them talk about the works taken by Leica cameras, whether they understand or not, they can always mention "German flavor", it seems that "German flavor" is One of the criteria for measuring the quality of a photo. Liu Lin (Tiannuo film friend); What is "German flavor" in Leica M10+M 50mm/f1.4? The color is rich, that is, the color of the photo is thick but not heavy, the inside of the focus is as sharp as a knife, and the outside of the focus is as soft as an oil painting. Its oiliness means that it is smooth and delicate, the shade is uniform, the color is transparent, and the transition is dense. Sanshiro KUBOTA; Leica M11+M 35/2Jeff Lee; Leica M11 A touch of vignetting is an element that cannot be ignored, and it is also one of the most important sources of German flavor. In fact, this is a defect caused by the structure of early lenses and cameras, but Later, it became an important feature of the Leica flavor. The effect of the vignetting around it gives people the feeling of film, which is particularly flavorful. Navia; Leica M11Sanshiro KUBOTA; Leica M11+M 35/2AA "German" photos, dark colors are not underexposed, bright colors are not underexposed, which requires precise control of shutter and aperture. In addition, many Leica fans said that the Leica lens, the latitude of the photos produced is stronger than the general lens, and you can see more details. Navia; Leica M11Sanshiro KUBOTA; Leica M11+M 35/2AA Eternore; Leica M11+M 50/1 (by flickr) How powerful is the "German flavor" of 60 million pixels? Jonathan Slack; Leica M11 + M 50/1.4 The Leica M11 camera, 60 megapixels will present unprecedented detail, a new process that significantly improves all parameters concerning imaging performance: impressive dynamic range, excellent contrast reproduction, Extraordinary clarity and best detail handling. Jonathan Slack; Leica M11+M 50/2AAJim Fisher; Leica M11+M 50/2 The ISO sensitivity range of the Leica M11 camera is 64-50000 wide ISO sensitivity range, with its dual pixel gain technology, recording 14bit color bit depth, providing up to 15 stops of dynamic range at ISO 64. Every photo shows the finest tonal separation and very low noise, and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 50,000 enables photographers to take pictures in extremely low light conditions. Equipped with a special IR+UV filter, which is glued by two layers of extremely thin glass filters, which can effectively correct the oblique incident light. Thanks to the new color filter matrix, the color reproduction of the camera is more excellent and natural. Abdullah AlSayer; Leica M11 Abdullah AlSayer; Leica M11 The ability of the Leica M11 to always offer multi-zone and spot metering options is a major operational change in metering. Whereas previous M-series cameras used a basic center-weighted metering system, the Leica M11 always offers multi-zone and spot metering options for greater reliability in a wider range of lighting conditions. James Abbott; Leica M11James Abbott; Leica M11James Abbott; Leica M11 with electronic shutter with speeds up to 1/16,000 sec. Leica has also added an electronic shutter option with speeds up to 1/16,000 sec. for shooting with large aperture lenses in bright light. There's also a mechanical shutter setting for up to an hour of shooting, which is great for landscape photographers using deep ND filters. (The shutter speed dial can be set from 8-1/4000 seconds, but the full range can be selected in the on-screen control panel by setting the bulb mode.) Thorsten Overgard; Leica M11+M 50/0.95Jeff Lee; Leica M11+M 16-18-21Abdullah AlSayer; Leica M11 more great samples Jonathan Slack; Leica M11+M 35/2AA Jonathan Slack; Leica M11+M 35/2AA Jonathan Slack; +M 35/2AA Jonathan Slack; Leica M11+M 35/2AA Jonathan Slack; Leica M11+M 50/1.4 Jonathan Slack; Leica M11+M 35/2AA Jackson Chen; Leica M11

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