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"2022 First Jimei China Top Ten New Landscape Photography" selection notice

2023-03-25 03:14:51 [Photography art]
"2022 First Jimei China Top Ten New Landscape Photography" selection notice

In order to discover and launch more dynamic and potential photographers who have appeared in recent years, show their unique photography masterpieces, and provide them with a broader display platform and communication space, China Photo Agency and the CCP Xiamen Jimei District The Propaganda Department of the Commission jointly launched the "2022 First Jimei China New Landscape Photography Exhibition", and held the "2022 First Jimei China New Landscape Photography Ten Outstanding Photographers" activity. Those who have the courage to innovate and the corresponding photographic strength, and who can present their own unique observations through the language of images are welcome to submit works for the competition. 1. Organization Sponsor: China Photo Agency, Propaganda Department of Jimei District Committee of the Communist Party of China Co-organizers of the World Federation: Fujian Photographers Association, Xiamen Photographers Association, Xiamen Jimei District Photographers Association The scenery of the city, the scenery of the city, the scenery of the society, the scenery of the heart, the scenery, etc., can all participate in the evaluation. (2) Materials 1. A photographic topic that fully expresses a photographic subject, which consists of 20-30 photographs. 2. A personal explanatory article on this group of photography topics, including but not limited to creative ideas, creative methods, etc., with unlimited words. 3. A CV with contact information such as mailing address, telephone, mobile phone and e-mail. 4. Each person is limited to one set of photography thematic works to participate in the evaluation. (3) The submission time for the materials for the evaluation is from now until October 15, 2022. (4) How to submit the materials for the competition The materials for the competition should be packaged and sent to: [email protected], with the subject of the email stating “The First Jimei China Top Ten New Landscape Photography Awards”. Tel: Teacher Liu of "Photo World" magazine 010-88052621. 3. Honor setting and remuneration: "2022 1st Jimei China New Landscape Photography Ten Outstanding Photographers", a total of 10 people: the remuneration is RMB 5,000 each. The selected authors are awarded honorary certificates. The selected authors are invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the "2022 First Jimei China New Landscape Photography Exhibition" and the seminar "From Jimei - China New Landscape Photography" held in Jimei District, Xiamen in December 2022. The organizer undertakes; the book "Starting from Jimei - China's New Landscape Photography" will be presented as a gift. The selected authors will be paid by "Photo World" magazine to the selected authors, and personal income tax will be withheld from them. 4. Detailed rules for participating in the evaluation: 1. The materials submitted by all the evaluators should reflect the level and style of personal photography. 2. The organizer will uniformly retrieve the large-size digital files of the selected works (the highest compressed file in JPG format is no less than 5MB for camera works, and no less than 2MB for mobile phone works). After receiving the notification, the selected candidates must submit the digital files (scan the negatives for film) to the organizer within the specified time, and those who fail to provide them within the specified time will be deemed to have automatically waived their eligibility for selection. 3. The event organizer has the right to use the selected works by means of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, screening, information network dissemination, compilation, etc., during the duration of the copyright, and can no longer pay any remuneration. 4. Participants should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted works, and have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyrights for the whole and components of the work; the participants should also ensure that the submitted works do not infringe The legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. 5. For works and behaviors that are enough to impede public order and good morals, once found, they will be immediately disqualified from being selected. "Works and behaviors that obstruct public order and good customs" include but are not limited to all situations that may seriously mislead the public's cognition, have a fraudulent nature, etc., in violation of laws, morals, public order or good customs. 6. Those who do not meet the requirements of this selection notice cannot participate in the evaluation; those who have been selected will be disqualified; the organizer has the right to withdraw the remuneration for the works, the honorary certificate, etc., and can be notified in the media. 7. There is no participation fee for this activity, and no manuscript will be returned. 8. The right to interpret this selection notice belongs to the organizer. All participants are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this selection notice. V. Selection method: The organizer invites well-known video culture research scholars, art critics, educators, photo editors, curators and other relevant persons to form a jury to evaluate the works and related materials of all participants, and select the "2022 First Jimei China Top Ten New Landscape Photography" 10 people. 6. Consultation Contact: Participating inquiries contact person: Mr. Liu from "Photo World" magazine, contact number: (010) 88052621.

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