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DJI releases new-generation action camera Osmo Action 3

2023-04-02 13:19:18 [Dark ]
DJI releases new-generation action camera Osmo Action 3

DJI has recently officially released a new generation of action camera Osmo Action 3. This action camera can quickly achieve vertical shooting mode, and the front and rear dual-touch color screens are easier to control. There are new breakthroughs in cold resistance, battery life and waterproof performance. The price is 2299 Yuan from. Imaging system - solid imaging skills, full expression
  • 4K/120fps. It can close up the user's highlight moments, the frame rate of up to 120fps makes the dynamic moments smoother, and the 4K ultra-clear picture makes the details clearly visible.
  • 155° ultra-wide angle. The visual tension is enlarged again, the field of vision is wide and undistorted, and everything you shoot has a super sense of space and depth.
  • Color temperature correction. The color temperature sensor can intelligently adjust the white balance and automatic exposure strategy, and can present the true color temperature regardless of the depth of the underwater.
Using a 1/1.7-inch sensor quick release design - quick release, quick installation
  • More secure and less labor-saving. The new quick release design greatly improves the impact resistance by enhancing the buckle strength and adding positioning columns, which is suitable for a variety of high-intensity sports scenarios. At the same time, it is easy to disassemble, and can switch between multiple cameras and accessories flexibly.
  • Second to cut vertical shots. With the help of the horizontal and vertical shooting protection frame, you only need to remove the camera, turn it at an angle, and then fasten it firmly, and the vertical shooting mode can be switched in seconds, which is clever and effortless.
Powerful battery life
  • Not afraid of -20°C low temperature. Even in ice and snow, the temperature is as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, and it can continue to record for 150 minutes.
  • 160 minutes of long battery life.
  • Quick charge. The action camera is the first to use fast charging technology. It can be charged to 80% in 18 minutes in the middle of the field, which is enough for 2 hours of shooting.
More comprehensive stabilization system
  • RockSteady 3.0 super stabilization. Using a new generation of intelligent anti-shake algorithm, it can effectively cancel the camera shake in all directions.
  • HorizonSteady horizon stabilization. It not only effectively cancels the camera shake in all directions, but also horizontally corrects the tilt of the horizon at any angle. Even if it experiences severe bumps or 360° rotation, the picture can always remain horizontally stable.
Enhanced waterproof performance
  • 16 meters waterproof. The fuselage structure is fully optimized, sturdy and waterproof, and the bare metal can swim in the underwater world of 16 meters.
  • High-strength glass. Anti-drop, anti-water drop interference. The front and rear screens and the lens protection cover are made of high-strength Gorilla Glass, which is not only wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also not afraid of a 1.5-meter drop.
The control function is more convenient and practical
  • The front and rear double touch color screen. The front screen is convenient for Selfie framing, and supports common touch functions. There is no need to flip the camera for parameter adjustment, mode switching, and screen playback. When the camera is switched horizontally and vertically, the front and rear screen interaction interfaces are also switched horizontally and vertically. The dual-screen is sensitive to touch and also supports wet-hand control.
  • Voice interaction. You can remotely control your camera with voice, and when you can't move it, a variety of voice commands are always on call. Higher recognition rate, the same reliable off-hand control. When the screen is not visible, short press the quick switch button, the camera will voice broadcast the current shooting mode, even if the camera is installed in a helmet or a narrow space, you can accurately select the desired mode. Add 1 to 5 sets of custom parameters to the shooting mode list, and the camera can quickly start shooting, helping you grasp the best shooting time.
In addition, the radio performance of Osmo Action 3 has also become better. For example, the radio direction can be freely switched to achieve precise radio reception. The hidden microphone at the bottom of the camera can also effectively suppress wind noise; with the DJI Mimo app , the use of super cloud computing power and artificial intelligence algorithm can eliminate the selfie stick when skiing in the picture, and the on-the-spot look and feel is more eye-catching; the smooth film app deeply fits the usage scene of Osmo Action 3, and users can automatically select the wonderful rides, skiing and diving. Clips, intelligently match exclusive templates, and easily edit and make sports blockbusters; and this action camera is also equipped with a series of accessories, making it more convenient to shoot. Horizontal and vertical shooting protection frame

1.5 m extension rod kit

Cycling chest strap (Osmo Action cycling accessories kit) Editor: Feng Jingli

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