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Heaven on earth, so beautiful

2022-12-08 07:44:52 [Light ]
Heaven on earth, so beautiful

There is no end to a long rope, stretching thousands of miles. Cross the grassland and cross the mountains, unpredictable and unpredictable. The road reaches the boundless sky as the boundary, twists and turns and the dragon rises. Thrilling to heaven? It's like hell lock madness. All the way to the scenery, all the way to sing, another journey of green mountains and green waters. The wheel used to measure the land is hard to come by if you want to stop. The road of spring is full of vitality, and the summer is silent and silent. The golden autumn color is everywhere, and the smog winter hangs on the capped peaks. The Heavenly Road on Earth is so beautiful, like a fairyland with colorful colors. Human intelligence is so amazing that it dares to climb. 2022.9.15

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