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"Yang Jian" box office exceeded 100 million in three days, netizens shouted: Dunhuang Feitian has come alive

2023-03-25 09:16:56 [Dark ]
"Yang Jian" box office exceeded 100 million in three days, netizens shouted: Dunhuang Feitian has come alive

Which movie is the most worth watching recently? Natural Lord will definitely answer: "New God List: Yang Jian". In less than a week since the film was launched, the box office has exceeded 100 million, and 90.3% of users have given it favorable comments! When watching this movie, you may have the illusion that you are in the futuristic city depicted in Hollywood sci-fi movies. It's just that the towering building has become a building of Chinese classical culture. Every frame of the picture and every visual element is not because the designers grabbed a lot of hair that fell out. Many people like its special effects, action scenes, plot, style of painting and so on. But the editor believes that the "Chinese aesthetics" in the film is the biggest attraction of this film! 01 The story line of Dunhuang Dance's "New God List: Yang Jian" has not changed much this time, but it is a super bonus in Chinese aesthetics. When Dunhuang Feitian came to life, it can be said that everyone was beautiful. Atmospheric design, graceful dance, and the blessing of background music make people immersive. The Dunhuang dances we usually see are performed on the stage, but in the animation, the difficulty of this kind of action design will increase. Because the performance in the air is a weightless state, which requires the staff to conduct in-depth research and design. In order to better perform Dunhuang dance, the production team specially went to the History Museum in Shaanxi, Dunhuang and other places to observe and exchange. 02 Ink and wash Taiji map: 3D ink painting After reading the Dunhuang dance above, don't worry, there is more exciting - ink and wash Taiji map. The picture displayed by the ink-wash taiji map in front of people is the feeling of a drop of ink falling into the water and spreading. Its setting in the animation is that Taijitu can make people trapped in it disappear. However, it is really difficult to convert traditional two-dimensional ink paintings into three-dimensional ones. Even so, the production team has not given up. There is no precedent for reference. whole. 03 "Diversified Aesthetics of the Wei and Jin Dynasties" In addition to the two wonderful scenes of Dunhuang dance and ink painting, there are also some multi-dimensional aesthetics of the Wei and Jin Dynasties hidden in the play. Yang Jian's white robe is designed with some ancient Chinese classic patterns: cloud patterns. The crown is in the shape of a three-pointed, two-edged knife. If we are careful, we can find that the cloth wrapped around his head is tie-dyed with traditional Chinese craftsmanship. His harmonica is more interesting. It is transformed from his slingshot. In the play, it is both his instrument and key. Even the battle axe held by Yang Jian has a Chinese Shang and Zhou taotie pattern on it. The dice design in the play is inspired by two things, one is the seal of Duguxin, and the other is the wrong gold and silver 18-sided dice in the Western Han Dynasty. This string of round-hole copper coins is actually money that could not be used for circulation in ancient times. And this somewhat cute bronze printer, the shape is also derived from the bronze wares of the late Shang Dynasty. The mirror pattern in Wan Luo's hand is also a typical Tang Dynasty cloud pattern. Even every detail in the play, magnified to look at it is amazing! Even the posters of the movies reveal the classic oriental aesthetics without losing texture. In short, it is really great that we can find our own style and color in our own animation! It is also a new charm to show traditional Chinese culture in this way. Maybe this is what domestic animation should look like! Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editing丨Mary Typesetting丨mary

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