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Do you have these 5 photo editing functions in your phone? so practical

2023-03-31 01:57:40 [the scenery ]
Do you have these 5 photo editing functions in your phone? so practical

Hello~ Good morning everyone! Friends who often take pictures, you should have downloaded a lot of photo editing software on your mobile phone! Easy to use is easy to use, but it takes up the memory of the mobile phone, and some still charge a fee~ In fact, more and more mobile phones now have their own picture editing function, which can not only beautify the face, but also eliminate passers-by, repair photos, puzzles, etc. , the function is extremely rich, equivalent to a free photo editing software. Today, we will take OPPO Reno8 Pro+ as an example, and take you to experience 5 super practical functions in the OPPO mobile phone album! Friends who use other mobile phone brands, don't rush to leave, let's see if you have the same function in your mobile phone~1 / . Elimination of debris When we need to remove debris or logos from photos, we can click on the picture, Click "Edit", swipe right and select "Erase Pen", smear what you want to eliminate, and you can eliminate debris with one click. Overall, the elimination effect is relatively natural. Like we usually go out to play and take selfies on the street, the background may be a little messy. At this time, we can easily remove the sundries with the eraser pen that comes with the mobile phone album~ When using the eraser pen, in order to better eliminate the sundries The edge details, we may need to zoom in with two fingers to paint a little bit, so that the photo processing will be more natural. If you forget to turn off the watermark when taking a photo, we can also smear the logo with an eraser pen in the photo album. However, the effect of applying a watermark with one click may be unsatisfactory. And smear word by word in turn, the photo will not leave P-picture traces. 2 / .Fix the "blurred" film We sometimes accidentally blur the photo, but we just like the photo very much. Although some apps have the function of repairing photos, most of them charge a fee. Don't worry, just see if you have this fix in your phone! Click "Edit" ➡ "AI Repair" under the photo, and the photo will become clear in seconds! OPPO’s strength in portraits should not be underestimated. The effect of AI repairing portrait photos is very good and natural, and it also comes with a bit of microdermabrasion. Before and after repair 3 / .Quick color grading Every time you see a good-looking photograph, you want to imitate the color tone of the photo, but you can't color tint, there is a function in the OPPO mobile phone album that can help you quickly adjust the color tone you want . Select the photo, click "Edit" ➡ "AI Toning", then click the "+" sign in the lower left corner to select the photo you want to imitate the color tone. Through algorithm analysis, the system can quickly call out similar tones, which is very convenient. However, if this function can adjust the intensity of the tone, it will be even better~ 4 / . Quick Jigsaw If you want to send a high-value circle of friends, Jigsaw is a good choice. Puzzles can decorate photo typography and give people a unique visual experience. Moreover, the puzzle can contain too many photos at one time, and the circle of friends with 18 pictures is not a problem. The OPPO mobile phone album has a feature-rich puzzle function, which basically meets the basic needs of our photo puzzles, and there is no need to download another puzzle software. In the album, long press a photo, select the photo you want to make a puzzle, and click "Puzzle" below, you can see that there are three puzzle modes: template, poster, and stitching. You don't need to worry about typesetting, and you can combine them with one click to create a high-quality image. puzzle. Select "Poster", and the picture will be simple and unique. The number of pictures will be different, and the puzzle template will be different, so it will not be too simple. Select "Splicing", there will be some templates for vertical splicing, and the spliced ​​photos are like long pictures, which are beautiful and practical. 5 / .Airdrop with iPhone Usually I want to share photos or videos with my friends. If an Android phone is connected to an iPhone, it cannot be sent by airdrop or Bluetooth, and sent by WeChat will be compressed to the picture quality, especially the video. The picture quality is sometimes underwhelming. But here's a little trick to easily transfer photos and videos across systems. We only need to let the OPPO mobile phone and the iPhone mobile phone be under the same WiFi, open the browser respectively, enter the website, click the mobile phone icon in the middle, and select the album to transfer. The downloaded image can generally be in the mobile phone. found in "File" → "Download". In addition to sharing images, we can also transfer music, files, contacts, etc. With this little trick, transferring images or files between phones is much more convenient. Well, is the hidden photo album function of today's OPPO mobile phone super practical? Of course, in addition to OPPO mobile phones, some mobile phone photo albums also have similar functions, go and see if your mobile phone has it! With the development of digital technology, the imaging functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more abundant. The assistant has always felt that a mobile phone with thousands of dollars should always be used to the extreme, and these hidden practical functions should not be missed. Therefore, the assistant will share with you more of the hidden functions that come with your mobile phone in the future to make your mobile phone more practical! - Interactive Topic - What other hidden functions of mobile phones do you want to know?

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