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Dreamy and sexy pictorial photography

2023-03-31 02:50:01 [Photoes ]
Dreamy and sexy pictorial photography

I like natural light for photography, I prefer tulle to be cool and cool. Swiss beauty photographer, unique artistic conception adds fragrance. Models are decorated with light, and atmosphere design is paramount. Artistic creation has pictures, and the melancholy temperament mirrors. The girl's mood is like a dream, hazy, sexy and delicate. Set up a school of style, romantic, classical and lazy. The professional background is carefully created, and the emotional grasp is self-evident. Flowing clouds and flowing water are unrestrained, and there is no need to carve and disperse fragrance. 2022.9.21 Note: Swiss beauty photographer Vivienne Mok has inherited the spirit of pictorial photography. She does not express the subject directly, but through her preference for tulle, the use of natural light, and the interaction with models. The melancholy temperament is used to express the picture and artistic conception of the painting. He believes that in a photo, the model, decoration, light, atmosphere and design are all very important elements, and they are all indispensable, and they work together to create the temperament of a photo properly.

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