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70 years on the throne, he is also the most senior photographer of the British royal family

2022-12-08 08:05:15 [Dark ]
70 years on the throne, he is also the most senior photographer of the British royal family

On September 8, local time, Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 96. From a beautiful and dignified princess, to a handsome young monarch, to a kind and determined old man of the century, she has gone through a long life. During the Queen's life, in addition to the image of the elegant grandma we are familiar with, who often dresses up to attend various events, she is also a veritable photography fan. The fate of photography began when the Queen was a princess. After receiving a box-type Brownie camera from her father, the Queen fell in love with taking pictures. Since then, whether at family gatherings, attending events, or visiting abroad, the Queen's figure with a camera in hand has begun to appear frequently. Always the subject of photography, the Queen's many images document her passion for photography. Today, I will use time as the main line to sort out the things about the Queen and photography, and review the photography moments in the Queen's life. On October 15, 1949, Queen Elizabeth II, still a princess, looked at the camera and listened to the photographer's explanation. In 1950, Britain, Queen Elizabeth II was immersed in the world of photography, and the guards next to her raised umbrellas for her. Queen Elizabeth II helps her son, Prince Charles, to take pictures of her sister, Princess Anne, in Scotland, 1952. On December 11, 1953, during the Queen's coronation world journey, the ship was on its way to Fiji in the South Pacific, and she was taking pictures on the deck with a camera, and standing behind her left was Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeth II uses a film camera to film the horse show in 1956 as she watches the race with her mother, the Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth (pictured) and Princess Anne. In 1960, Queen Elizabeth II did not forget photography in her leisure time. In 1960, the Queen Elizabeth II focused on photography On April 12, 1965, Queen Elizabeth II was photographed with a Roliflex camera at the horse show. The Queen poses for a photo with a horse at the Bloomington Equestrian Show in 1973. Queen Elizabeth II staring intently at the camera, hands still focusing, in 1973. Queen Elizabeth II photographed with her golden Rollei 35 camera in 1978. In 1979, Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a yellow dress, was very happy for a photo shoot. Queen Elizabeth II and Morocco's former King Hassan II in Rabat, Morocco, October 30, 1980. In 1981, Queen Elizabeth II was immersed in a photo. Queen Elizabeth II uses a Leica M3 camera to photograph Prince Philip at the Windsor Horse Show on May 16, 1982. Queen Elizabeth II at the event with a camera in 1982. The silver-haired Queen Elizabeth II uses a Canon camera to photograph Prince Philip at a horse show. In these images, we can see the development history of cameras from the Queen's equipment, from Lu to Leica, SLRs, dual-lens cameras, card cameras, and box cameras, all of which are "antique models" that can be used for collection today. ". Although the editor couldn't find the Queen's work on the Internet, just looking at the Queen's professional posture and focused demeanor, I already felt that the Queen is not just as simple as posing. It is said that the photos taken by the queen are also very professional, which is commendable! From the silhouette of the Queen's glorious years, we can see the iterations and changes of the camera. The image freezes her footprints in the world and records the moments in history. With the death of the British queen who loved photography, the era of photography that belonged to her also ended. It is expected that the royal family will announce the Queen's photography to the public in the future. Note: The image is quoted from the network image data

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