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This group of mobile phone creative short films, you can also shoot

2023-02-06 12:13:29 [Retro ]
This group of mobile phone creative short films, you can also shoot

good morning everyone! Usually, we will brush up a lot of creative short films, which may show a product, describe a plot, or present a set of actions. These short films are very interesting, but most of us have "eye addiction", but we didn't expect to shoot. Because they seem too difficult and troublesome, how can they be photographed without the blessing of professional equipment and technology? In fact, now we only need a lightweight mobile phone and simple tools, and we can start shooting. Today, I will share with you 3 creative short films + detailed analysis by videographer Boya, let's learn it now! ONE.ˉSnacks: Creative commercials The whole process of shooting creative commercials with a mobile phone is a video link "link" Effect 1: Potato chip tube moving skills: Every time the potato chip tube moves, take a picture, and then synthesize the picture. Effect 2: The potato chip tubes appear one by one Skill: Hang the potato chip tubes one by one with a thin wire, and play the video upside down. Effect 3: Potatoes become potato chips Skills: Use slow motion to shoot the potatoes in free fall, and then shoot the potato chips to fall, combining two shots. Effect 4: Potato Chips Falling Skill: Sprinkle the potato chips on the black cloth and adjust it to slow motion. Effect 5: Potato chip tube transformation packaging skills: Take a picture for different potato chip tubes, and use masks and keyframes to switch. Effect 6: Potato chips are scattered from the tube Skills: Invert the potato chip tube, tie a heavy object on the cover of the tube, when the heavy object falls, the potato chips will spew out, and then rotate the screen 180°. Effect 7: From potato chips to potato chips tube freezer technique: The wide-angle lens is shot against the potato chips, and the impact is stronger. TWO.ˉ Animals: Simulate the first perspective of a cat with a mobile phone Video link Creative video tutorial: How to simulate a cat's first perspective with a mobile phone? _bilibili Effect 1: Dynamic skills in stillness: Under a fixed lens, each lens is enlarged. Effect 2: Smooth transition between the third perspective and the first perspective: When switching to the first perspective, use the extension rod to continue the cat's jumping action. Effect 3: Continuous shuttle skills: Use similar objects (concrete ground, grass) to connect between the previous shot and the next shot to achieve seamless transitions. Effect 4: The process of turning from day to night: Fix the phone on a tripod and shoot a time-lapse video. THREE.ˉ Sports: Shoot a 40-second action movie with a mobile phone on a skateboard Video link How to make a good 40-second action movie Face up, post title. The skateboard slid across the camera and switched to the next scene, forming a mask transition with visual tension. Effect 2: Rich skateboard action skills: split a complete action into several actions, shoot with different focal lengths, angles, etc., and then stitch the shots. Effect 3: Motion sense of speed technique: With the help of the extension rod, the mobile phone is close to the ground and closely follows the moving skateboard. Effect 4: Instantaneous skills of solidified highlights: Use slow motion to show the protagonist's skateboard take-off attitude to enhance the visual effect of the picture. Effect 5: Bring out the city scene before sunset naturally Tips: Turn on the HDR mode to restore the backlight environment. The protagonist crosses forward, leading the focus of the camera to the city CBD in the distance. Effect 6: Coherent home scene skills: The camera follows the movement of different subjects, or uses the white wall to pan, and adds a little overlay effect to achieve natural switching. The above 3 creative short films, from the perspectives of still life, animals and people respectively, show the biggest highlight of the video - dynamic beauty. The techniques shared in it can all be used in other similar scenarios. If you like this content, please like it and watch it. If you have any creative videos you want to watch, you can also tell us in the comment area below~ You can also follow our official account of Bilibili (station B): Play Camera and watch more interesting videos! See you next time!

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