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A poetic vision of the English countryside

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A poetic vision of the English countryside

James Thomas Linnell James Thomas Linnell British Artist, (1820-1905)—ArtYouhua—The Return of the Sunset Harvest 1853 The Reaper—Noonday Rest 1865 The Sandpits 1856 in Windsor Forest 1834-35 James Thomas Linnell Linnell, 1820-1905) was the second son of the English landscape painter John Linnell, and although he was known for his religious subjects, he painted mainly landscapes of farm workers and children. His style and subject matter were similar to those of his father, John Linnell (1792-1882). His palette is much brighter though. James Thomas Linnell grew up in the same social circle as his father's friend William Blake and his brother-in-law, Samuel Palmer, who would have a great impact on his work Impact. James Thomas Linnell first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1850. In 1851 he inherited the estate, buying the Redstone Estate in Redhill, near Reigate, Surrey, England, where most of the family lived. Many of his later landscape paintings were also painted in the manor. Harvest at Sunset Oil on canvas 71 x 95 cm This work depicts farmers as the sun goes down after a day's work. The depiction of flowers in the foreground reveals an attention to natural detail that is almost Pre-Raphaelite in color and clarity. This attention to detail can also be seen in the buildings and people that can be seen in the distance, as well as the dogs and workers resting in between. James Thomas Linnell focuses on the brightness of the setting sun, emphasizing the energy of nature, which also echoes elements seen in the work of his father and Samuel Palmer.

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