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The artist lives up to his reputation and truly restores the sense of age

2022-10-01 03:56:45 [the scenery ]
The artist lives up to his reputation and truly restores the sense of age

The new studio APP "Notes"#The artist who knows magic mainly pushes the topic of high-quality notes to share the art setting|factory renovation of the workshop office with a sense of time #artist who knows magic The experience of changing the scene of the workshop and office~ This is a real factory , not a studio or a live studio. The preparation time is only about three days, which is very urgent. For our art, the urgent work is really a bit scary, because the props basically cannot be purchased from other places, and the logistics time is not enough, so we can only use the existing materials and items in the prop library or on-site. Source materials (for example, the small workbench and wooden frame in the scene are all picked up by me on the roadside outside the factory, and there are some wastes thrown outside). And because it is not a professional shooting base, the conditions in the venue are also very limited, which is a test of the ability to adapt to the scene. For example, in fact, it can be seen that the actual shooting scene is different from the scene photo, that is, due to the limitation of the venue, it is necessary to temporarily change the shooting angle of the shooting. Although the angle has changed, the effect of the atmosphere map is still restored as much as possible. In addition, this prop teacher really looks like the 1970s and 1980s. At first glance, he was caught by the director to be an actor. Fortunately, there is a prop assistant, otherwise I will be a Taoist sister again PS. The latest schedule comparison The wallet is still empty, producers, directors, photography teachers, take a look at the children. The main content of the high-quality notes shows the powerful photos of the artist. It is too embarrassing to see the office full of age in an ordinary factory. People are shocked! 👇Welcome to scan the code to view the creator's new studio profile👇 Have you downloaded the new studio app? It's much more exciting than the official account

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