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How to "capture" the hearts of photographers during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

2022-10-01 04:22:36 [Photography art]
How to "capture" the hearts of photographers during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Pass on the warmth of images and share the joy and blessings of the festive season. Explore a variety of Leica gifts to find the answer to your heart. Leica Q2 digital camera is very friendly to women who like photography. Focusing, the film output rate is extremely high, and it is completely stress-free to carry around when shopping. Featuring a 47.3-megapixel full-frame sensor, Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. large-aperture prime lens, fast autofocus system, innovative OLED technology and a classic and elegant design, it has greatly upgraded the configuration of its predecessor, the Leica Q camera. The special sealing technology protects the camera from dust and water mist, and can cope with harsh weather conditions, which is unique in its class. An integrated digital zoom covering a maximum focal length of 75 mm provides more creative possibilities for photography. Sanshiro KUBOTA; Leica Q2Lisa Flanagan; Leica Q2 Leica M11 rangefinder camera The "Sea King" actor and his Leica M11 camera have just talked about the Leica camera suitable for female photographers, and then let's talk about the Leica M11 camera that can show more masculine charm. The Leica M11 camera is the latest product of the Leica M series. It continues the simple style of the M system. The Leica red label is particularly "dazzling". It is no exaggeration to say that it is a work of art when placed at home. Manual focusing, the focusing process is smooth and delicate, and the crisp shutter sound is exciting. Once you hold it in your hand, you will love it! Next, let's talk about its performance. The Leica M11 camera is equipped with three unique variable-resolution photosensitive elements, which can be selected in DNG and JPEG formats, 60, 36, or 18 million pixels in three different resolutions. Shooting at full-frame quality, so that the details of the picture can be reproduced realistically. Noise can be kept low while maintaining high pixels. The ISO sensitivity range of the Leica M11 camera is 64-50000, it can record 14bit color depth, the dynamic range is as high as 15 stops, and it can be freely created in the face of large light ratio scenes. Official website sample Sanshiro KUBOTA; Leica M11+M 35/2 with intention and "brand" face Leica mahjong limited gift box A collision of "national essence" and photography The details are ingenious, it belongs to the taste of Leica fans The world's limited edition of 800 sets of Leica mahjong The gift box designs the traditional Yaoji face as the bird logo of the Leica telescope; a unique lens scale bar is used to replace the traditional strip pattern; the tube face also bid farewell to the traditional style, and is replaced by the same circular camera aperture logo; flowers The card and the whiteboard have two frame designs, which are easy to identify but unique. Each gift box has a limited number, which is not only a unique souvenir, but also a rare collection for Leica camera enthusiasts and sparrow lovers. Retail price: 4880 yuan Leica Academy playing cards in four suits and four photographic themes. Each card face contains a mystery of light and shadow. There is a set of 52 playing cards. The square pattern card is a street shot; the spade pattern card is black and white photography: the heart pattern card is a classic image. Leica Solitaire is available for all 52-card poker games. Retail price: 210 yuan Original camera accessories, exquisite Some people say: "The thing that is more happier than taking pictures is to take pictures for the camera, and the thing that is happier than buying a camera is to match the camera with accessories!" We have sorted it out for you before. , click the text below to jump to the article~ Check out the original Leica camera accessories, the exquisite atmosphere is now filled with the Weizler nameplate limited edition custom mug with aperture scale, with TA to perceive the daily temperature Design inspiration comes from the small town of Weizler, Germany Center manhole cover. It can be traced back to Oskar Barnack, the inventor of Leica's first prototype UR-LEICA, who stood in this position in 1914 and took the first photo, officially opening a new chapter in the history of human photography. To commemorate his great contribution, a special manhole cover was specially made here. The shape and commemorative text of this prototype camera are clearly engraved on it. This location has also become a place of pilgrimage for photography enthusiasts. ) Leica thermos Leica taste, warm and cold a black stainless steel thermos with laser engraved Leica logo, 600ml capacity, can hold hot and cold drinks. Retail price: 260 yuan Leica logo baseball cap A baseball cap with offset printing logo and embossing. Black baseball cap with red detailing, Leica logo or Leica SL lettering on the brim (with rubber stroke). Retail price: $210 Rope Keychain A tough black rope keychain made from vegetable-tanned leather and top-quality climbing rope. Retail price: 330 yuan There are many gifts, inspiration is not always there is a masterpiece, worthy of your choice

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