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Landscape painting, magnificent, beautiful and charming

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Landscape painting, magnificent, beautiful and charming

Albert Bierstadt, German-American Painter, (1830-1902)—ArtYouhua—Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), German-American Painter, Hudson River Painting group. The most energetic and industrious American art worker in the nineteenth century, and a famous landscape painter with a high reputation in the United States in the nineteenth century. He displays large scenes of the American West in romantic light colors, most famously for his panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. With a realistic approach, he vividly depicts the magnificent and beautiful natural scenery of the American West, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast of California during the pioneering period. Most of his works create a theater-style panoramic picture effect with a huge frame of about 2 to 2 meters wide and 3 meters long, which fully reflects the majesty and magnificence of the American West. Born in Dusseldorf, Bavaria, Germany in 1830, he moved with his parents to New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA in 1832. In his 20s, he studied art in Düsseldorf and Rome, Germany. Returning to the United States in 1857, he traveled all over the northern part of the United States, participating in survey expeditions across the Western Great Plains. Drawing from life and painting, he developed the kind of detailed panorama from the nature he encountered during his travels, and in the 1860s and 1870s, the artist was greatly admired by most Americans and his fame reached its peak. His landscapes are very romantic, exaggerating the terrain and weather in his works with the sense of travel, and the feeling of field trips occupies a strong position in his works. Albert Bierstadt was moved by the vastness and variety of nature. He tried to depict tiny details into his large paintings. This forces the viewer to move section by section as in a panorama. Albert Bierstadt's credits include The Oregon Way, Yosemite Valley, and Hudson Quest. During his lifetime, he made six trips to different parts of the western United States, and the material collected from these trips provided rich nutrition for his creation and laid a solid foundation for his success. Harmony brings together the spiritual and natural worlds through attention to detail and an invocation of light. Bierstadt has established himself as an authoritative painter with both skill and flair for conveying the powerful visual impact of Western landscape painting, capturing the sheer scale of open space.

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