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Explore World Heritage Sites, Take Out-of-Print Wulingyuan

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Explore World Heritage Sites, Take Out-of-Print Wulingyuan

"People live together in Wulingyuan, and they also start from the pastoral." According to the ancient poet Wang Wei, Wulingyuan is an ideal place to have a pastoral world; in the eyes of photographers, Wulingyuan is a fascinated scenic spot. Well-known photographers such as Yang Fei, Chen Fuli, Chen Bo, and Huang Xiang were intoxicated successively. In particular, the three consecutive international online photography events and the five aerial photography competitions held in the past ten years have produced significant repercussions in the photography industry, tourism industry and scenic spots. Wulingyuan is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, the middle of Zhangjiajie City, and the upper reaches of Lishui River. It belongs to the Wuling Mountains. Wulingyuan has a long history and is known as "the spiritual realm of Yudian" and "the Olympic area of ​​Chixian". In 1988, Wulingyuan county-level administrative region was established with approval, with a total area of ​​397.58 square kilometers, of which the core scenic area is 264 square kilometers. The resident population includes Tujia, Miao, Bai and other ethnic minorities, of which Tujia accounts for more than 80% of the total population. . After more than 30 years of development and construction, Wulingyuan has already turned from "raised in a boudoir" to "famous all over the world". It has successively won the World Natural Heritage, World Geopark, National Forest Park, the first batch of national 5A-level tourist attractions, National Civilized Scenic Tourist Area, Zhangjiajie Landform Named Land and many other laurels. Three thousand green peaks, eight hundred glass water. After 380 million years of precipitation, the rare and rare Wulingyuan integrates peaks, forests, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. Not only many photographers are fascinated by this, leaving thousands of wonderful images, and well-known domestic and foreign film and television dramas such as "Journey to the West" and "Avatar" are also filmed in Wulingyuan. After Ban Ki-moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, visited Wulingyuan, he happily wrote an inscription in Chinese: "Zhangjiajie, the highest scenic spot on the ground!" During the long process of reproduction, development and inheritance, Wulingyuan has formed a rich and colorful folk culture, which has been passed down from ancestors. The customs of rushing in for the New Year, crying for marriage, waving dance, Maogusi, brocade and other customs have been preserved to this day, and they have unique artistic charm and have been recorded due to the attention of photography. While protecting the world natural heritage on the mountain, Wulingyuan has successfully created a number of distinctive future cultural heritages such as Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie Eternal Love, Zishan Manju, and No. 5 Valley at the foot of the mountain, realizing “tourism + culture” and “tourism + The "homestay" business has expanded and has become an important cultural business card for Wulingyuan to go global. Wulingyuan was established as a district due to tourism, developed the district by tourism, and strengthened it by tourism. In recent years, Wulingyuan District has always unswervingly implemented the development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", actively adapted to the new normal of economic development, closely followed the development theme, and vigorously promoted the "trinity" of high-quality scenic spots, characteristic towns and beautiful villages. The high-quality tourism development strategy, unswervingly accelerating the quality and upgrading of tourism, has promoted the high-quality economic and social development and the harmony and stability of the overall social situation, and has embarked on a path of green rise that protects the ecology, strengthens the industry, and benefits the people's livelihood. In 2016, Wulingyuan District took the lead in realizing the poverty alleviation of the whole district in Hunan Province. In 2017, it became the first well-off county among the three types of counties in Hunan Province. In 2018, it was awarded the National Demonstration Zone for Ecological Civilization Construction. Approved as a national all-for-one tourism demonstration area. Wonderland Zhangjiajie, "peaks" fans all over the world; a world heritage site, out of print Wulingyuan. Here, the mountains and rivers show affection, and the light and shadow testify. Qifeng Jingxiu Deng Changyong Photo Comment: The author uses a vertical composition to highlight the Qifeng pointing directly to the sky, and uses the main body as a guiding line to attract the eyes to travel up and down the picture. The texture of the mountain and the trees stand out against the fog, and the virtual and the real coexist. Cool tones unify the picture, bringing a mysterious atmosphere. Jiaolong goes out to sea Photo by Zhang Guangzhi Comments: With the help of the mountains and clouds in Wulingyuan, the author outlines an ink painting that enhances the artistic expression of the scenery. The peaks emerging from the large area of ​​white space are like dragons swimming in the sea, which is fascinating. The grafting of landscape tradition and natural landscape is just right. Flying Clouds and Flowing Waterfalls Photo by Li Yaoxun Comments: The thick fog is like a wave, surging in the mountains, forming the effect of combining movement and stillness under the camera. The dark part of the foreground is properly brightened because of the lighting, which is fascinating. It is a little regrettable that there is overexposure in the bright parts of the sky, and the light and shadow effects of the picture are unbalanced. Fenglin Yuanjiajie Zhou Jianxin Photo Comments: Rock peaks, secluded valleys, dense fog, the author deliberately chose Yuanjiajie, the iconic landscape structure of this mountain and platform, to reflect its unique landform. The side light illuminates the peak forest, but because of the diffuse reflection of the fog, the light and shadow effect is not prominent. The author can try different time framing. Fengqi Pastoral Photo by Wu Yongbing Comments: The author arranges various landscape elements in a semi-open composition. The contrast between the foreground terraces and the background peak forests shows the magic of nature. The farmers and cattle below become important elements of the lively picture. Overexposure of the sky will affect the look and feel, and you can make fine adjustments later. Photo by Zhang Hongtao of Illusionary Ecstasy Terrace: The author is waiting for the fog to fill the air to show the scenery of Yuanjiajie Ecstasy Terrace. In the vast basin, the peaks are scattered like towers and pavilions, and the weather is amazing. However, due to poor lighting conditions, the tone of the image is a little dim, so the author can wait for the right time to shoot. Luo Rui's Photo Comments on the Avenue of the Secret Realm: Shot from a high angle, a flat road between the mountains on both sides is looming through the wisps of clouds and mist, attracting the viewer's attention to a far-reaching place, echoing the theme of "Secret Realm". The central composition of the picture is balanced, the light and shadow effects are distinct, and the artificial power and the beauty of nature are integrated. The Phantom of the Peaks and Forests by Xiong Zongxi Photo Comments: From the perspective of the drone, the two main mountain peaks are like ships sailing in the foggy sea. The warm light renders the picture, illuminating the subject, and the warm and cool tones are blended. Although clouds and mist obscured most of the landscape, the details of the mountains, rocks and vegetation are still clear and vivid. Comments on Tianzi Mountain Night Mao Fixed Photography: In order to take into account the performance of night and mountain scenery, the author chose to shoot when the sky was still blue, the stars in the sky were vaguely visible, and the outlines of the mountain peaks were also displayed in the thick fog. The magnificent landscape of the sky and the earth. If you pay attention to the selection of the foreground and reduce the shadows without detail, the effect may be more prominent. Xianjie Passage Zhou Huaisong Photo Comment: The Bailong Travel Elevator in Wulingyuan Scenic Spot is built along the mountain, with a vertical height difference of 335 meters and a running height of 326 meters. From a high angle of view, the elevator seems to be erected on the cloud, blending with the fairyland-like peak forest landscape. Although the subject is prominent due to the lighting, it appears too small in the overall environment. Aerial Gardens by Wu Yanghui Photo Comments: On the lush mountains, a mirror-like terraced field is particularly eye-catching. It reflects the sky and makes it more clear and pure, reflecting the superior natural environment and farming culture of Wulingyuan. The author can try to adjust the perspective and set off the terraced fields with the peaks and forests in the fog, which may better reflect the local natural characteristics. Autumn colors of peaks and forests Photo by Sun Hongwei Comments: When photographing the peaks and forests, the author carefully paid attention to the influence of light color temperature on the scenery, taking the peaks illuminated by the warm light as the main structure of the picture, forming a difference with the surrounding peaks, and the autumn feeling is immediately apparent. Thanks to the rendering effect of fog, the color transition of the picture is delicate and natural. Tianzi Mountain Spring Snow and Deng Dao Photo Comments: The topographical features of Tianzi Mountain with its many peaks are fully reflected in the picture. Under the spot of spring snow, the mountains seem to be covered with ice flowers, and with the dispersion of mist, it forms an amazing scenery. Although the author intentionally selects the foreground mountains as the main body, the performance is not outstanding enough. ■ Deng Dao's article ■ Yang Yiyi's comment

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