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#nowgoodseason#Canon EOS R5 & R6 Full Frame Photo Contest Autumn Edition Continues

2023-03-25 08:52:55 [Photography art]
#nowgoodseason#Canon EOS R5 & R6 Full Frame Photo Contest Autumn Edition Continues

The autumn is high and crisp, the branches and leaves are slightly yellow, and the wheat waves are undulating, which is already a busy farming season. Before you know it, autumn has come quietly. Autumn brings the coolness of "summer heat", the golden yellow of busy farming in the "autumn equinox", the gorgeous red leaves of "cold dew", and the coldness of "frost". What we see most in autumn is the warm color, whether it is the warmth of the sunset or the warmth of the harvest. , the warmth of red leaves. Both bring us a different feeling in autumn. Completely different from the vigorous summer, but full of vitality and hope. 2022#Currentgoodseason#Defining my "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" Canon EOS R5&R6 Full Frame Photo Contest The autumn chapter continues. Three major themed channels have been set up, namely "Solar Limits Group", "Seasonal Scenery Group", and "Seasonal Ecology Group". Canon EOS R5&R6 and more full-frame users are welcome to participate in this film competition, and show the autumn limitation in your eyes ! To enter the competition, please click: Recruitment period: August 7, 2022 - October 8, 2022 Selection result: October 23, 2022 Wonderful film competition Appreciation and analysis Name: Bayan Brook Grassland ID: Hailan Image Name: Hulunbuir, Eternal Prairie ID: Eternal Mountain Heart Words Name: Liqiu's Damhang ID: XxxXphoto Name: Chashan Morning Song--Continued ID: Maxima 001 Name: Shock ID: cqbhx Name: Nine The chanting birds are missing ID: yangguang8889 Name: Dancing Egret ID: hou1967 Name: Rizhao Jinyun ID: OIJKGK11442631 Name: Beautiful Egret ID: hou1967 · Invite friends to participate, reward more This film competition is the same as before, new Added "Friend Invitation" incentive mechanism. An invitation code is generated through the platform, and the invited friends can scan the code to participate in the competition. At that time, we will count the number of people through your invitation code. If the number of friends you invite ranks in the top 10, you can get a Canon custom canvas bag and a 200 yuan Jingdong card as a gift. Call your friends and join us in our film competition! ·Canon purchase incentive plan One of the new sections of this film competition is launched for the contributors who have the intention of purchasing a machine. Among the non-Canon EOSR5&R6 users who have successfully submitted their articles, we will select 5 users who meet the conditions of the incentive plan within 10 working days after the contest ends to give incentives for cash back on purchases, with an amount of 1,000 yuan, and cash back after purchase. . ·Introduction to new plans This film competition will add new plans to accept new entries. As long as the user participates in the Canon Photography Contest for the first time and the submission is qualified, it will be regarded as participating in the lottery. The prize is 1 commemorative T-shirt + 1 200 yuan Jingdong card! We will announce the list of 5 new users who have won the prize after the contest ends. Competition channel: Solar terms limited group: Canon EOS R5&R6 can still focus quickly and accurately in low light environment, which is very suitable for shooting early morning and evening scenery. With the theme of the autumn solar term, it shows the unique beauty of the solar term. Such as the "autumn equinox" season is busy with farming, and the "frost" season is full of red and yellow leaves. When uploading manuscripts, please try to mark the solar terms corresponding to the manuscripts. Seasonal Scenery Group: Canon EOS R5 & R6 have high image quality and high resolution, which makes photography work better from color level to space level. Created with the theme of autumn scenery, lakes and mountains, bright stars and rivers, etc. Seasonal Ecology Group: Canon EOS R5&R6 supports eye and head detection AF, and has a continuous shooting function of up to about 20 frames per second. The creation is based on ecological themes such as animals and characters in autumn, and content such as migration of migratory birds, cute pets, and family happiness. Competition prizes: Overall champion X1: EOS R6 single body, one sub-track champion X3: Acer Glory Speed ​​Five-proof SD card R280mb/s W160mb/s 128GB one sub-track runner-up X6 (two per group): Ulanzi VL110 magnetic RGB full-color stick light, one participation award X10: Canon custom canvas bag + Xiaobee mascot. The above winners will all receive the Hummingbird Network #CurrentGood Season#Define my "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" award certificate for the film competition one. ·Judges Profile: FENDER Happy Wolf China National Geographic Column Photographer National Geographic Contributor Vision China Contract Photographer United Nations Development Program Cooperative Photographer Dou Ruidong has 12 years of experience in the video media industry, and is currently the editor-in-chief of Senior Equipment Expert / Contributor/Photo Contest Planner Original Album Han Song Photographer Original Album Studio Founder IPPA Figure Gold Award Winner Yan Bin Trent Portrait Photographer Competition Details: 1. It is recommended to use a full-frame camera for shooting, and Canon EOS R5& R6 is recommended; There are no restrictions on equipment brands, and Canon cameras are recommended to participate in the competition; 2. In line with the theme of my "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" defined by #nowgoodseasondefinition; the shooting content is not limited, it can be ecology, cities, humanities, nature, sports, etc.; 3 . This competition has specially set up three themed channels of "solar term limited group", "seasonal scenery group" and "seasonal ecological group". Users need to participate in the competition according to the content of the works. There is no limit to the number of entries, but multiple channels are not allowed in one draft. 4. Shooting time of the entries: works taken after January 1, 2021; 5. The works must be original by the author. After the selection of all shortlisted works, large-size pictures of the entries (including processing) must be retrieved, and The original RAW file of the entry (unprocessed, if available); 6. The copyright, portrait rights and other legal responsibilities involved in the work are borne by the author; 7. For works that do not meet the requirements of the competition, the organizer has the right to remove the work from the list of entries 8. Once the submitted works are uploaded, you agree that all winning and shortlisted works have the right to be used by the organizer for publicity, including but not limited to the Hummingbird Film Competition page, Weibo, WeChat and offline exhibitions, etc.; no further notice or payment will be made. 9. The contest works have a user like function, and the top 20% of the works ranked by the user's likes will be given priority to get the right of preliminary screening. Combined with the editorial review of, the final 10% of the works will be selected by the judges for selection; 10. We will notify the author of the winning works by email or text message, and ask the author to reply within three months. Overdue will be regarded as giving up the award.

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