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Famous Cinematographer & Emmy Award Winning Director - Sony CineAltaV 2 Experience

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Famous Cinematographer & Emmy Award Winning Director - Sony CineAltaV 2 Experience

Director Gonzalo Amat / Cinematographer ASC member of the American Society of Cinematographers has served as the photographer of "The Man in the High Castle" and "The Second Season of The Bund"
Tips: "The Man in the High Castle" is one of 13 original pilot series released by Amazon, based on the original novel by Philip Dick. The story takes place in a fictional world, America in 1962, when World War II was over, Germany and Japan had won and ruled the world, and a man in the High Castle was writing a book about America's victory in World War II. Outer Banks tells the story of a group of well-connected young people at a beach resort on the outer banks of North Carolina. This time, he teamed up with Sony to shoot the short film "Take Me" in Brooklyn, New York, using a CineAltaV 2 with a Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance lens. What is very special is that only available light was used throughout the shooting. . "The Sony CineAltaV 2 has amazing latitude and color expressiveness, and the color and skin tones are very cinematic," said Amat. Curt Morgan director/photographer has won multiple Emmys
He is known for making action sports movies based on his experience as a former professional snowboarder, winning multiple Emmys with brands including Titleist, Nike, Jeep, Red Bull, Visa, Pepsi, Subaru, Quiksilver NBC/Universal and more. Today, Let's talk to these two renowned cinematographers to hear what they really feel about the Sony CineAltaV 2 and its amazing color performance.

Q: Can you two talk about your actual experience shooting with Sony CineAltaV 2?

Curt Morgan: When I received Sony's CineAltaV 2, I was shooting a commercial for Titleist and decided to use it to try it out. Try, in fact, generally this kind of large project shooting will not use a new machine, because the new machine has a long break-in period, but unexpectedly, this film machine works very smoothly. After that, I want to take it to try aerial shooting , mounted on Shotover F1 (heavy aerial gyro), and then circled over Los Angeles to shoot, very fortunately, the weather conditions and light on the day of shooting were very good. After this aerial flight shooting, I decided to use CineAltaV 2 Join the shooting machine. Tips: Titleist is a well-known brand in the golf industry and is affiliated to Acushnet, a golf company in Massachusetts, USA. At the same time, Acushnet also owns three sub-brands, Titleist, Footjoy, and Pinnacle. Gonzalo Amat : Sony wanted me to use the CineAltaV 2 to shoot a small short film to test the camera, however, this time I added a little more creativity, only the light can be used to complete the short film and test its shooting effect. I have the deepest experience in shooting with the second generation It's really improved a lot, and it also takes into account and incorporates the actual shooting needs of our cinematographers.

Q: What are the attractions of Sony CineAltaV 2?

Korte Morgan: I was originally a user of the first generation of CineAltaV. The performance of the first generation has always impressed me, but I think there are still some areas that can be upgraded. I am very grateful to Sony for listening to these feedbacks and bringing stronger iterations version, the dynamic range, highlight, resolution, data transfer rate and low light sensitivity of the second generation have been greatly improved. In addition, the body of the second generation is shorter than the first generation plus R7 recording unit, and it is lighter to use.< h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right">Q: What do you value most What is the performance of a movie camera? Gonzalo Amat: I think the most important thing is the sensor. A good sensor is reflected in all aspects, that is, good latitude, good color performance, and good resolution. And the menu design of CineAltaV 2 is very simple and clear, easy to use, the whole layout is in line with the habits of filmmakers, which is very friendly to me.

Q: What do you think of the color and dynamic range of CineAltaV 2?

Curt Morgan: I've been working with a lot of RAW files shot with the CineAltaV 2 lately, and it's just that the color depth is very good, there's almost no noise, and the skin tones are accurate. Moreover, the dynamic range of CineAltaV 2 is very wide, and the shadow and highlight details can be preserved at the same time when adjusting. Gonzalo Amat: I think this camera is excellent in terms of dynamic range and color. Sometimes shooting conditions are limited, such as wanting to shoot the skyline under the Manhattan Bridge, and the sun is completely shining on the buildings or water on the other side of the river, but with CineAltaV 2 we can shoot the effect we want, and the highlight detail in the RAW file is also good, I don't like the feeling of being overexposed. As far as color is concerned, I used to think that some colors just couldn't be represented well on the screen by the algorithm, so I also thought that the colors it shot might be ordinary Rec 709. But in fact, its colors, especially skin tones, even when shot under colorful lights, still have a cinematic quality and are not oversaturated.

Q: Would you recommend the CineAltaV 2 to fellow photographers?

Gonzalo Amat: I definitely will. It is indeed a very good choice, in terms of picture color, camera size, sensitivity, built-in filters and film quality, it really stands out in today's movie camera products. It's really just the right resolution, and it doesn't make you feel like you're taking images that are too sharp and reveal too much detail. It feels more like an old-fashioned film camera to me, with softer colors. In terms of volume, CineAltaV 2 is also a little smaller than the first generation, which is very friendly when shooting motion pictures. The camera does a great job of shooting with only the available light, and gets a better picture when it's lit. Video source: Sony Cine; Titleist; NFS

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