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"Hermes" among dolls, one is enough to buy a suite

2022-10-01 03:15:09 [Photoes ]
"Hermes" among dolls, one is enough to buy a suite

Have you ever seen a $40,000 handmade doll? That's right, these graceful and luxurious dolls in exquisite dresses are actually handmade products of advanced customization, and the most common ones cost $8,000 a piece. When scrutinized in detail, these dolls are breathtakingly beautiful, with an astonishing amount of detail and sophistication. If it weren't for the exposed joints, one would have to doubt the fidelity of the doll. 01 Fighting Nation's Skillful Hands These valuable dolls are actually from the hands of Russian craftsman Alexandra Koukinova. Alexandra was born in the former Soviet Union in 1965. Influenced by her family, she has been exposed to Russian films, dramas, paintings, and literature since she was a child, and has accumulated an aesthetic ability to appreciate noble art since she was a child. At an early age, she began to read a lot about Russian national costumes and made beautiful clothes for her dolls. At the age of 19, she entered the Moscow Academy of Arts to study, where she seriously studied the history of art, Russian history, foreign theater, costumes, as well as courses in Russian and foreign literature, theatrical decorative arts and painting, and even mechanics. The training of science and engineering courses such as engineering, architectural drawing, material mechanics, physics, theater lighting, etc. In 1988, she joined the Chekhov Theater as a set designer and costume designer. At the time of the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the lively theaters became deserted, and everyone was worried about their own future. But all this did not stop Alexandra's love for her career. With the help of her father and husband, Alexandra quit her job in the theater and set up her own studio in Moscow and began to concentrate on making handmade dolls. 02Ultra-luxury top handmade Russian dolls are hand-fired by bisque porcelain. The fabrics of the dolls' clothes are the same as the production process of Paris haute couture, using real gold and silver, real good pearls, good gems, and exquisite embroidery Patterns and rich clothing fabrics are exquisite, elegant and endearing, full of nostalgic Russian national customs. The dolls made by Alexandra are mainly divided into seven series: Fashion dolls, One of a kind dolls (there is only one doll in the world), Fairy Characters, Historical Characters, Theatrical Collection, Russian collection and Gift dolls (limited edition gift dolls). Each limited series is limited in number, only 3 to 35 pieces. Alexandra first designed the simple line art of the doll, and then selected suitable materials to make some sample patterns for the later stage. Then, the engraver will carve the doll on the ceramic according to the design drawing. After the carving is completed, he will start to make exquisite costumes for the doll, and then the decoration of the accessories. Alexandra needs to try again and again to make the doll from head to toe. Every part blends perfectly. A handmade doll takes no less than five months from start to finish, and usually takes a year. One model only corresponds to one doll, and it is never repeated production. It is hard to come by and the real limit makes Alexandra Doll a unique collection value. 03Out-of-print works that will never be copied For Alexandra, these dolls have mythical power and can bring spiritual comfort to others. She hopes that through her works, people can harvest and recall the happy childhood. Free people from hardships. In today's era of mass industrial production, handmade products have become a luxury. But gold and silver jewelry is not the reason why they are really expensive. The most valuable thing about these dolls is the details that they are hand-carved, and the dedication and seriousness of the craftsmen in pursuit of perfection in hand-making. Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editor丨nnTypesetting丨nn

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