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Deadline Reminder | "Xijiang Pearl·Charming Pingnan" National Photography Exhibition

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Deadline Reminder | "Xijiang Pearl·Charming Pingnan" National Photography Exhibition

The charm of Xijiang Pearl Photo by Wei Yan of Pingnan Deadline: September 30, 2022 Pingnan County, anciently known as Gongzhou, is located in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, northeast of Guigang City, and upstream of the Xijiang River Basin. It has been in the county for nearly 1,700 years. It is the hometown of culture, the hometown of Chinese cattle songs and operas, the inheritance base of Chinese poetry and poetry, the hometown of Shikip Longan in China, a famous cultural county in China, a major county for grain production and a major county for pig transfer. Magnificent Beidi Mountain Photographed by He Guiqiang Pingnan County has beautiful natural scenery and rich history and culture. There are 5 Xiongsen Animal World, Gongzhou Park, Beidi Mountain Tourist Area, Laomei Ecological Park, and Foziling Tourism Health Resort. There are national 4A-level scenic spots and 9 national 3A-level scenic spots including Dawuding Forest Health Scenic Spot, Jiangbei Poetry Culture Park, and Shikip Longan Eco-tourism Scenic Spot. It has the scenery of Pengshan (the peak of Apolansun Mountain in Pingnan County, which is 1581 meters above sea level), Tianhu Yingcui, Bihai Yinchuan, Dagui Mountain "One Line Sky", Acacia Island and other natural scenery, as well as the Southern Han Dynasty champion Liang Song Memorial Hall, Chang There are cultural resources such as Yanhuaigu, Da'an ancient buildings, Zhongtuan Ming and Qing ancient buildings. The custom of school water cabinets in Da'an Town is included in the national intangible cultural heritage list. The completed 575-meter-long mid-support concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge - Pingnan Third Bridge. Gongzhou Yeyun Mengmeiqi's photo is to deeply explore the cultural heritage and beautiful scenery of Pingnan County through photography, and enhance the popularity and reputation of Pingnan County across the country. exhibition. We warmly welcome all photographers to actively participate and contribute. Sponsor: Pingnan County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Pingnan County People's Government, China Photographic News Agency Organizer: Propaganda Department of the Pingnan County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Pingnan County Culture, Radio, Television, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Pingnan County Federation of Literature and Art Co-organizers: Pingnan County Nan County Photographers Association, Pingnan County Rong Media Culture Media Co., Ltd. Official website: ( Strategic cooperation media: Tencent Pictures Channel, Meipian Photography, Sina Pictures, Sohu Photography, China Photography National Association Network, Image China Network, China Network Picture Center, China News Photo Network, China Press Association Network, Future Network, China National Park Network China Photography News Self-media: China Photography News WeChat Official Account, China Photography News Activities WeChat Official Account , Xinhua account, Renmin account, Meidian account, Sina Weibo, Toutiao account collection and promotion platform: Meipian App, Mobile Image App, Qiantu App Xijiang Chenyun Menghai Photo The collection content is comprehensively collected with "Xijiang Pearl·Charming Pingnan" ” as the theme, reflecting the natural scenery, historical sites, tourist attractions, cultural customs, folk culture and the development achievements of the times and other photographic works and video works within the jurisdiction of Pingnan County. Collection time: January to September 30, 2022 (submissions must be delivered during this period) Honor setting and remuneration of the works in the exhibition 70 pieces of photographic works in the exhibition, each with a remuneration of RMB 800; 10 pieces of video works in the exhibition, each with a remuneration of RMB 800 yuan. All the works in the exhibition will be awarded the honorary certificate stamped by the China Photographic Press, and the application points can be accumulated according to the regulations of the China Photographers Association. The remuneration for the works entered into the exhibition shall be paid to the contributors by the China Photography News Agency, and the individual income tax shall be withheld and paid from it. Celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Ancient House by Chen Rujun Details of the Call for Papers 1. All photography enthusiasts can contribute. 2. There is no time limit for the creation of works (mainly from January 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022). Group photos are not allowed. 3. The work must be taken from the jurisdiction of Pingnan County, and the specific shooting location should be indicated. For works with doubts about the shooting area, the contributor should go to the shooting location together with the lawyers entrusted by the organizer. If the work is confirmed to be shot within the designated area after investigation, the relevant lawyer fees and travel expenses shall be borne by Party B; For the shooting within the geographical scope, the relevant legal fees, travel expenses, etc. shall be borne by the contributor; if the contributor fails to cooperate with the survey, his qualification will be directly cancelled. 4. After the selection, the organizer will uniformly retrieve the original video files of the works to be exhibited (in MP4 format, with a resolution of not less than 1080P); large-size digital files of photos (the highest compressed file in JPG format is recommended to be no less than 5MB, and must be with full exif data). Contributors who have been notified by the organizer must submit the original video file and large-size digital file (if filmed, please scan the negative) to the organizer within the specified time. 5. The exhibition implements a publicity system for the selection results. The selected works will be announced on the official website of the exhibition - for a period of 7 days, and will be subject to social supervision during this period. After the publicity period expires, China Photography News will publish a selection of works in the exhibition, and will announce the exhibition list. 6. The organizer and the organizer have the right to use the works in the exhibition for related purposes by means of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, projection, information network communication, compilation, etc., during the duration of the copyright, and can no longer pay any remuneration. 7. The judges of the exhibition and their close relatives are prohibited from submitting manuscripts, and all qualifications will be immediately disqualified upon discovery. 8. Contributors should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted works, and have independent, complete, clear, and undisputed copyrights for the entirety and components of the work; contributors should also ensure that the submitted works do not infringe The legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. 9. For works and behaviors that are enough to impede public order and good customs, once found, they will be immediately disqualified from participating in the exhibition. "Works and behaviors that obstruct public order and good customs" include but are not limited to all situations that may seriously mislead the public's cognition, have a fraudulent nature, etc., violate laws, morals, public order or good customs. 10. Those who do not meet the requirements of this call for contributions cannot participate in the election; those who have already entered the exhibition will be disqualified; the organizer has the right to withdraw the remuneration for the works, the honorary certificate, etc., and notify the media. 11. The exhibition does not charge participation fees, does not return manuscripts, and does not return storage media. If the submitted works are damaged, lost, or late or not arrived during the mailing and sending process, the relevant losses and consequences shall be borne by the contributors themselves. 12. The right to interpret this call for papers belongs to the organizer. All contributors are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this Call for Papers. The selection of works of Niu Ge Opera by Tang Zhanping will be reviewed by experts and scholars organized by the organizer. Contribution method 1. Online submission of photographic works (1) Official website: Authors can register in the "Xijiang Pearl·Charming Pingnan" National Photography Exhibition in the "Exhibition" section of the Interpretation Photography Network (, and fill in as required Upload works after real personal information. The organizer promises not to disclose or disclose the non-public information of the contributors. The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 800-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 200-500KB. (2) Promotion and solicitation platform: Contributors can also register and submit manuscripts in the Meipian App, Mobile Imaging App, and Qiantu App. Video works can be submitted through the official mailbox [email protected], and the information of the contributors and the submission form (word document) are also provided. It is recommended to upload the highest format compressed file size within 1GB, resolution 1080P MP4 or MOV format file, frame rate It is suitable for 60 frames, and the length of a single part should be less than 3 minutes, and upload it through the mailbox file transfer station. 2. CD-ROM, U-disk Contribution The submitted works shall be mailed in the form of CD-R or DVD-R and U-disk storage to: "Xijiang Pearl·Charm", Activity Project Department of China Photography News Agency, No. 48, Dong42tiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing Pingnan" National Photography Exhibition Office (100007) Submission Hotline: 010-65251661. The name of the exhibition should be indicated on the CD-ROM and U-disk packaging box, the title of the work should be indicated in the file name of each work, and the author's information and the submitted work form (word document) should be provided at the same time. The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 800-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 200-500KB. For submissions without relevant information, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify them from participating in the evaluation. 3. Internet, CD-ROM and U-disk submissions must not be repeated.

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