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Drunk Beauty Shooting Recommendations | Tai Mo Shan, Dongshan

2023-03-31 00:43:53 [Light ]
Drunk Beauty Shooting Recommendations | Tai Mo Shan, Dongshan

Tai Mo Shan Yunxiu Chen Qinghe Photo Tai Mo Shan is located in the northeast of Chencheng Village, Chencheng Town, Dongshan County, Fujian Province. It has rich historical and cultural resources and natural landscapes. Tai Mo Shan is 252.3 meters above sea level and is the second highest peak on Dongshan Island. Its main peak stands among the mountains and peaks, which is steep and straight, yet elegant and beautiful. It is named after its shape like a helmet. In Tai Mo Shan, when you climb a mountain, you can feel an island. The poet Cai Baozhen of the Ming Dynasty praised the poem: "Maoshan is high in the sky, and it is strange to look up thousands of miles. Birds do not dare to pass, and they brush when they are idle." Throwing, the scenery is charming, showing a magnificent landscape full of mountains and seas. To the side of Taimao Mountain is the vast sea, and to the west is an idyllic cottage. As far as the eye goes to the east, the golden waves are reflected, and the "four small islands" of dragon, tiger, lion and elephant, known as the "sea zoo", come into your sight. The sunset and the afterglow, the distant mountains are like daisies, the sea is endless, the sea, salt fields, fields, and cottages are vast, which can be poetry and painting. Tai Mo Shan also has 33 wind turbines scattered on the winding mountain range, forming a unique scenery. In addition, Tai Mo Shan has less light pollution, and with the spectacular windmill group and the beautiful Tai Mo Shan weather radar station to shoot the starry sky, better results can be obtained. (Text / Chen Qinghe)

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