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Drunk Beauty Shooting Recommendations | Zhangjiajie: The Magical Tianmen Mountain, the God of Fortune

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Drunk Beauty Shooting Recommendations | Zhangjiajie: The Magical Tianmen Mountain, the God of Fortune

Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie, Hunan is a national 5A tourist area, with a total area of ​​96 square kilometers and an elevation of 1518.6 meters. Tianmen Mountain has a profound cultural heritage, is always connected with legends, and is famous for its magic, leaving behind the classic legends of mysterious and unpredictable wonders such as the opening of Tianmen, the overturning of the Tianmen, the development of the ghost valley, the treasure hidden in the wild, and the auspicious beast of Tianmen. Tianmen Mountain Panshan Highway Wang Jianhong Photographed by people while admiring, cherishing and protecting, they have kept pace with the times and created new wonders. After more than 20 years of hard work, the builders of Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot have built and perfected tourist facilities, decorated many scenic spots, and realized the perfect integration of artificial and natural: six man-made wonder projects provide people with comprehensive, safe and convenient appreciation of the wonders of Tianmen Mountain. The facilities and environment of the beautiful scenery; a winding mountain road from the urban area to Tianmen Cave, which can be called "the wonder of the world's first highway", is like Tongtian Avenue. , the cloud has the meaning of Jiuxiao"; the single-line circulating alpine passenger ropeway has a total length of 7454 meters, a height difference of 1277 meters, and a one-way running time of 26 minutes. It can take tourists directly from the modern city into the green embrace of the original sky garden; 900 meters long, 340 meters long The 12-meter-high, 12-level escalator through the mountain; "Tianmen Fox Fairy New Liu Hai Chopping the Woodcutter" staged on the alpine canyon stage, telling a world-shattering love between people and foxes; the ghost valley trestle promenade is winding, and it is built between the cliffs. It is less than 2 meters wide; the glass plank road is popular all over the country, and various scenic spots are rushing to follow suit, setting off a wave of glass plank road fever. Tianmen Wonderland Wang Jianhong The first stop to arrive at Tianmen Mountain is Yunmeng Xianding, which is the commanding height of Tianmen Mountain. The ghost valley plank road on the west line of the mountain is suspended in the middle of the cliff, giving people the feeling of ups and downs, flexion and extension with the cliff. The Tianmen Mountain Temple on the west line has towering ancient trees outside the temple, and the temple is elegant and quiet. Tianmen Cave in Yunwu by Wang Jianhong Photographed by Tianmen Mountain in winter, the snow-capped Tianmen Mountain is full of the best camera positions, and the crystal-clear ice glitters. When you come to Tianmen Cave, you can watch the wonders of Tianmen spewing fog. When you are here, you feel as if you are walking in the clouds and your soul is upstream in the sky. You can see the 999-level climbing stairs and the 99 detours in the mountains. As a local photographer in Zhangjiajie, I love my hometown deeply. After retirement, I often carry a camera and a backpack on my shoulders, and travel through Tianmen Cave on Tianmen Mountain, Tianjie Buddhist Land, Biye Yaotai, and Wonderland with my photography partners. Among other scenic spots, as well as the surrounding viewfinders such as Daping Yujia Mountain, the Meridian Terrace in the urban area, the Lishui River, the suburban and living posts, etc., measure every landscape of Tianmen Mountain with both feet, and use the lens to freeze every beautiful picture. The orientation records the ever-changing scenery here. I am very grateful for the happiness brought by photography, which makes my life more colorful, and I am even more fortunate that I can use photography to take pictures for my hometown and the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. (Text / Wang Jianhong)

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