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"Walking into Shanggao and Encountering Beauty"—Glimpses of the National Photography Exhibition

2022-10-01 02:52:55 [Share Photography ]
"Walking into Shanggao and Encountering Beauty"—Glimpses of the National Photography Exhibition

From August 20th to August 21st, the Photographers Association of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, Shanggao County Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Shanggao County Photographers Association organized more than 50 photography backbones from various counties and cities (districts) to carry out "Walking into Shanggao, Meeting Beauty" "National Photography Exhibition Collection Activities. The scorching summer heat cannot stop the enthusiasm of photographers. They entered factories, visited rural areas, and went deep into the families of ordinary people. They recorded and reflected the development achievements, natural scenery and cultural customs of Shanggao County in the new era with the camera. All group photo A group photo B group photo Although this high-level gathering activity only lasted for two days, the photographers have gained a lot. The photographers not only experienced the beautiful natural scenery of Shanggao, but also felt the simple folk customs here, and were also deeply educated and inspired. Shanggao County Photographers Association has made careful preparations and thoughtful arrangements for this event, making this event more exciting. "Welding Flowers" by Zou Xiangrong "Children's Interest" Zou Xiangrong "Expanding in All Directions" Yang Qiuhong "Old Street Night" Yang Qiuhong "Grand View and Ancient Rhyme" Zhang Hua "The Little River in Hometown" Mao Xiaowei "Dancing" Mao Xiaowei "Surf Boy" Liu Xiangning "Love Under the Blue Sky" Li Xiaohong, "A Cool Summer", Liu Xiangning, "Centennial Golden Lock Bridge", Chen Juan, "City Light", Xiong Mi, "Embroidery", Wu Chaoping, "Daguanlou Theater", Qian Youguang, "Textile Worker", Yao Zhongming, "The Successor of Communism", Wen Qiang, "Ancient Street Lights, Huang An, Welding Flowers Flying, Zou Manru, White Clouds Drifting, Wen Qiang, The Inheritance of Red, Xu Aihua, Home, Huang An, Mirror Mountain Park, Qian Youguang, Concentration, Yi Qiren, Happy Workers, Peng Shaomei "Beautiful Shanggao" Yang Yun "Drifting" Wu Chaoping "Hanging" Yao Zhongming "Look at the "Home" Liu Guangxin "Skillful Embroidery" Wu Chaoping "A Cool Summer" Xiong Mi "Morning in Shanggao" Liu Guangxin "Details" Peng Shaomei " Elementary and Primary School Artists, Yang Yun, Women Workers in a Shoe Factory, Yi Qiren, Learning from Grandpa Xu Aihua, Strict Quality Control, Zou Manru, "Energy", Zhong Jianhui, "Returned Overseas Chinese Minority Sisters", Luo Ming, "Cool Dialogue" Spray Paint Li Pingxiang, The Light of Hope Smile" Zhou Yiping "Light" Wang Jie "The Messenger of Flowers" Yan Xiaofeng "Jinjiang Night Beauty" Zhou Yiping "Happy" Wang Jie "Ning" Wang Jie "Red Tongshan" Liu Xuemei "Ten Fingers Connecting Heart" Wang Jie "Listening to the History of the Party" Wang Jie "Smile" Morning Exercise Liu Xuemei "Baiyun Peak Drifting" Guan Jiep "The Story of the Ancient Bridge" Guan Jeep "Meticulous" Li Dan "Textile Girl" Li Dan "New Countryside New Weather" Xin Jian'an "Baiyun Peak Drifting" Chen Juan

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