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Immediately pleasing to the eye! Believe it or not, retouching can really save a photo

2022-11-27 02:26:18 [Photoes ]
Immediately pleasing to the eye! Believe it or not, retouching can really save a photo

The first four photos today are all big scenes and small figures. When dealing with such photos, how to highlight the characters is a test of aesthetics. [email protected] This photo is very artistic, let’s look at the highlights first: First, it’s the lines. It can be seen that the eaves and light and shadow in the photo form three uniform diagonal lines. The second is correspondence. Because the photo is of a sunny brick building, the overall color is warm and simple. The only two cool colors in the picture: posters and hanging clothes, the colors echo with each other, and there are more details. In a clean composition, it can also be easily grouped into one category. Let’s look at the problem again: First, it’s still the lines. The lines of the building are crooked and awkward. Second, the main character: the old man, located in the shadow, not obvious. Third, as I just said, in the simple composition, posters and clothes are the only two different types: there are many details and colors jump. Therefore, the little strip that leaked out from the left side of the poster was a bit of an eyesore, didn't it? Solution: If it is me, use snapseed to adjust it. The first step is to use the perspective tool to draw the lines of the building horizontally and vertically. The second step, cut it out, and delete the small strip that leaks out on the left side. The third step is to adjust the highlights and shadows to further increase the contrast between light and shadow. The fourth step, use the local tool to brighten the dark part of the old man at the door. After this processing, you can look at it again: [email protected] This photo, the light and shadow are the highlights, look carefully, the direction of the light and shadow in the photo is like this: the shade of the tree And the highlights of the ground, just form a ">" sign. However, it can also be seen from this that in addition to the ">", the large area of ​​shadow in the lower right corner of the photo is left blank, which is a bit too much. Solution: If it is me taking the photo, it is actually very simple. You just need to use cropping to cut out the useless white space. In this way, let the lines of ">" fill the entire screen space, and there is no wasted place in the photo. Naturally It looks good. [email protected]ღ laugh ღ laugh ღ "Fishing at Dusk" Late stage of Xiaomi 11u: snapseed this photo, the author named it "Fishing at Dusk", it can be seen that he wants to highlight the theme of dusk. But in fact, the number of three anglers and three towers on the right side of the photo is symmetrical, which I think is more interesting. However, it may not seem obvious because there are many anglers on the shore and the opposite bank is not regular. Solution: If it is me to shoot, two-step processing, first, cutting, leaving only three people and three towers. Secondly, use the repair tool to eliminate the buildings and ships on the opposite bank, you see, it looks more ingenious. [email protected] It was taken by Xiaomi Mi 11U. In the later stage, the mobile phone comes with + spicy and there is no theme. I just took some photos casually recently. Please correct me. Thank you for seeing this photo. The lyrics of "Love you alone in the dark alley" blurted out. Originally, the people in the photo were both centered and shimmering, which was very prominent. However, if you look at it as a whole, you will find that the building and ceiling on the left side of the person in the photo have the brightest light, which weakens the existence of the person a bit. Solution: If I were to shoot, I would actually use the local tool of snapseed to brighten the highlights around the character, especially on the right side of the character. In this way, the light reaches a balance in the area, the character is more prominent, and the photo is also More to say. [email protected] Canon 550d I think it's perfect. This photo is really neat. However, to say it's perfect, I think it's a little bit worse. The solution: If I take it, you can see that the sailboat The sail, and the trousers hole of the big long johns, are so similar in shape. So, if you can go a little further to the left when shooting, find the dislocation, and let the sails just appear in the trouser holes, wouldn't it be interesting?

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