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Too hot this summer? Jump into the pool and cool off

2023-03-31 01:12:25 [Retro ]
Too hot this summer? Jump into the pool and cool off

The seaside pool in Corfu, Greece, is experiencing the "hottest summer", do you want to jump into the water and take a dip? Swimming pool - one of our "summer places", it not only meets the needs of everyone's leisure and entertainment, but also deserves attention in its own design. Today, Harper's Bazaar brings you closer to these stylized pools. 01 "Thinkers" Pool Coordinates: Greece Design: Konstantinos Stathopoulos Do you hate the hustle and bustle of the city? Let's refresh and cool off with a refreshing dip in the stunning swimming pool at the Island Shores Villas. This pool is an integral part of Casa Odyssia, a futuristic residence on the Greek island of Corfu, with superb views of the Ionian Sea. By the pool, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Ionian sea. Inspired by ancient Greek mythology and "Homer's Epic", the team proposed the concept of "rebirth", integrating the elements of light, water and green plants in nature into the design, and cleverly using light to obtain the best lighting. The light is refracted into the interior through the rooftop swimming pool, and the patterns are diverse and full of poetry. At the same time, the swimming pool subtly eliminates the boundary between indoor and outdoor, allowing people to see the view from the restaurant directly. Designer Konstantinos Stathopoulos wants architecture to be "born in nature" rather than forcefully "integrating into nature". Being in the pool surrounded by magnificent landscapes, we can't help but think about the connection between nature and life. The pool is cleverly lit to bring natural light into the interior. 02 Swimming pool coordinates of "Challenger": Norway Design: Hayri Atak's swimming pool built on a cliff Feeling that swimming in a seaside pool is unremarkable, do you want something exciting? Why not check out the Pulpit Rock cliff pool. Part of the Cliff Concept Boutique hotel, the swimming pool built on the precipice stone is connected to the cliff by a prefabricated steel structure, secured with ropes. The swimming pool is made of glass, which is completely transparent and offers a panoramic view of the steep cliffs. The designer hopes to bring the spirit of "challenge" to life and bring the courage of "overcoming difficulties in desperate situations" to visitors. People with fear of heights should take the challenge cautiously. The bottom of the pool is transparent, and people can enjoy the view below the cliff. 03 "Pioneer" swimming pool coordinates: Portugal Design: Vitor Vilhena Architects House in Messines Overhead Partial Plan It is not enough to have courage, but also to be pioneering in "pioneering". House in Messines stands on top of historical ruins in the Algarve region of southern Portugal, surrounded by mountains and fields. The pool is designed like a cantilever bridge and extends in the air, allowing visitors to enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding hills. House in Messines has a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery Did Fantasy Drift instantly pop into your mind? The Piscine Molitor in Paris is widely regarded as the most famous urban public swimming pool in Europe. Built in the 1920s, it was designed by Lucien Pollet and inspired by luxury ocean-going cruise ships. The swimming pool in the movie "The Fantastic Drifting of Pi" was once the shooting location of the first bikini photos and the opening show of Paris Fashion Week. It is known as the "most unprofessional" public swimming pool. In recent years, after being renovated by designer Jean-Philippe Nuel, it has been transformed into a five-star hotel, leading the fashion trend. 05 Swimming pool coordinates for "environmentalists": Portugal Design: Álvaro Siza Vieira swimming pool contrasts with its surroundings. While transforming nature is important, protecting it is even more essential. Piscinas de Marés, located on the beach in Matosinhos, Portugal, is perfect Practice the concept of environmental protection. Designed by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, it was built in 1966 and remains a popular local attraction today. The pool is embedded in the rocky terrain The design makes clever use of natural depressions in the rocky terrain, leading from the saltwater lowlands to the ocean. The swimming pool is between the ocean and the building complex, and the concrete walls frame its edge, which contrasts with the natural rock formations, effectively blurring the boundary and enhancing the visual width. The designer hopes to contrast man-made buildings with natural rocks, highlighting human intervention in nature, thereby inspiring everyone to enhance their awareness of protecting the environment. The swimming pool blurs the boundary between architecture and nature Interwoven with modernity. The indoor swimming pool is constructed of bricks in a pyramid shape, while the outdoor swimming pool extends from the terrace down to the sea. The designer pays attention to creating a "comprehensive experience" in the creation, and fully presents the water, human landscape and natural scenery in the pool design in an integrated form. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools at Copenhagen Harbour Aquatic Center, Denmark 07 Pool coordinates of "Technology Pioneer": British Design: Compass Pools "London Infinity" pool bottom view What is it like to swim in a skyscraper? "Infinity London" tells you the answer! The project, designed by Compass Pools, aims to create a pool without borders on top of a 220-meter skyscraper. The water covers the entire roof, and visitors can only enter by helicopter or lift stairs. Swim here and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. "London Infinity" Pool 08 Pool Coordinates for "She Niu": Thailand Design: Bug StudioKawa Haus Apartment Connecting different parts of the community through the pool Chat is an important way to relax, have you ever thought that you can also socialize at the pool? At Kawa Haus, the swimming pool connects the different parts of the community, with jacuzzi, underwater seating all over it, surrounded by green bamboo. People can sit in the water to rest in their spare time, cultivate their body and mind while chatting with others happily, and advocate a slow way of life. The swimming pool in the Kawa Haus apartment community is surrounded by green plants. 09 Swimming pool coordinates of "Buddha people": China Design: Gad+Linestudio Jiu Nufeng Bubble Pool organically combines modern style with nature We also need a space to be alone, so that our "Buddha" place is precious. The Bubble Pool on Mount Tai is transparent and pure. The ten-meter-high overhanging roof covers like wings. The cantilevered curved roof adds a sense of security to visitors. The modern style is strongly weakened in the design to balance the relationship between architecture and nature. The characteristic wing-like roof of the Bubble Pool on the Nine Girls Peak Social fear"? Don't worry, this "one house, one pool" design in Limassol, Cyprus, is a boon. Inspired by a floral crown, the architectural tower is supported by columns that connect the individual units. The building is transparent as a whole, and each household is equipped with a swimming pool and balcony with a wide field of vision. When you are overwhelmed by various pressures, you can hide in your own swimming pool and look at the sea view, which is full of comfort in an instant. The night view of the "One House One Pool" building tower is the hottest summer in history, with wildfires, power outages, sweltering heat, and extremely clear changes in the natural environment, making people want to find a paradise-like swimming pool to escape the heat. Around the world, ingenious swimming pool designs are fascinating, some are uniquely located, some are rich in art, and some are just in line with the mind of contemporary "social people". They accompany people through the hot summer in different ways, and relieve everyone's heat. How are you doing this summer? 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