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Looking for a touch of autumn gifts, Nikon promotions are about to start a surprise

2023-03-31 00:18:58 [Photoes ]
Looking for a touch of autumn gifts, Nikon promotions are about to start a surprise

Nikon announced that it will start the "Looking for an Autumn Gift" event from September 1st to October 9th. During the event, users who purchase Nikon Z 7Ⅱ, Z 6Ⅱ, Z 5, Z fc, Z 50, Z 30 body or kit and successfully register "My Nikon" will receive a Nikon FTZ mount adapter1 1, Smallrig video accessories set (1 ARRI ARRI interface handle + 1 camera extension frame), 1 Nikon original belt bag, a colorful gift. Autumn is approaching and the weather is getting cooler. The crisp autumn weather in September is the perfect time to bring your camera and lens for an autumn tour, indulge in the mountains and rivers, and feel the infinite charm of nature in early autumn. In this autumn season, Nikon has carefully selected a variety of mirrorless digital cameras with outstanding performance, with surprises and gifts, to help professional photographers and photography enthusiasts record the happy autumn time and enjoy the infinite charm of image creation. The Nikon Z 7Ⅱ participating in this event is known as the "expert of light and shadow dreaming". About 45.75 million effective pixels and excellent autofocus make it a powerful tool for photography creation, both in the field of landscape photography and portrait photography. performance, to help creators record every wonderful moment. The "multi-faceted imaging tool" Nikon Z 6II can record movie-level 4K ultra-high-definition video, and eye-detection autofocus can effectively record people's frowns and smiles, and retain the happy moments of autumn play. The Nikon Z 5 combines ease of use with optical performance, and works best with NIKKOR Z-series lenses to help creators easily capture the beauty of autumn. The Nikon Z fc has won the hearts and minds of many users with its retro and fashionable shape, and as many as 7 kinds of body colors also provide users with more choices to show their individuality. The compact and lightweight body and comfortable grip of the Z 50 are highly suitable for handheld shooting, and the excellent image quality makes it a reliable helper for autumn outdoor photography. The entry-level VLOG camera Z 30 is easy to use. Even creators who are new to photography can easily create images and explore the vast world of image expression. Details of the event: Sales channels: Nikon authorized dealer's online store/offline store, Nikon Tmall official flagship store, Nikon JD official flagship store, Nikon direct store. For details, please refer to the "How to Purchase" page of Nikon's official website *This event is only available to users residing in mainland China. How to participate in the event: 1) During the event, anyone who purchases the designated products of the event through the channels participating in the event and successfully registers "My Nikon" will receive a registration gift. 2) When registering "My Nikon", please fill in the product model and serial number correctly. If the information filled in is incorrect, you will not be able to get the gift. 3) The content information of the uploaded invoice must be consistent with the information of the registered product, and the text in the uploaded invoice image must be clearly visible. 4) Please fill in the recipient's phone number and detailed delivery address correctly. The gift will be delivered to the address reserved during registration in about 1 month (only in mainland China). If the information filled in is incorrect, you will not be able to get the gift. Due to the impact of the epidemic, delivery may be delayed, please be patient. 5) The date of purchase of the product filled in when registering in "My Nikon" and the date of the uploaded purchase invoice must be within the period from September 1, 2022 to October 9, 2022, and the registration must be on September 1, 2022 - Completion within October 23, 2022. 6) If you have any questions about this event, please call the Nikon customer service support line at 400-820-1665.

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