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Do you also have an island in your heart?

2023-02-06 03:46:16 [Photography art ]
Do you also have an island in your heart?

Wang Jin "Themyscira 2", oil on canvas, 100×120cm, from August 31 to September 30, 2021, artist Wang Jin's solo exhibition "Paradise Island" will be held at Shanghai Yibo Gallery. The exhibition presents his two series of works, "Wall" and "Paradise Island". Viewers can see the river bridges, the willows, the water pavilions, the palm banana leaves, and the blue sea without waves. Shaped by bright colors and simple lines, the complexity of life is refined and simplified into a frame of pure landscape. In the ancient Greek era, Zeus created the Amazon women. They are invincible, strong and soft, and can influence human beings and prevent wars. In order to protect the Amazons, Zeus used divine power to create an isolated "paradise island" (Themyscira)... This is the setting in DC Comics, and "Wonder Woman" Diana came from this mysterious island. A clip from the movie "Wonder Woman", the concept of "Paradise Island" in 2017 is no different from the Chinese-style Peach Blossom Land, ancient and modern, all over the world, everyone has dreamed of utopia. Just as Paul Gauguin exiled herself to Tahiti and Georgia O'Keeffe was left alone in the ghost ranch, in a chaotic and restless reality, "Paradise Island" always gives people access to The comfort of the soul. Wang Jin's "Themyscira 4", oil on canvas, 130×140cm, in 2021, Wang Jin's "Paradise Island" is a figurative expression of his inner emotions, but it is universal - the orange-pink sky conveys a warm feeling. Poetic, gently embraces every weary soul. His works provide a "transcendent aesthetic space", in which the audience can forget many troubles and recall the lost dreams and ideals. Wang Jin's "Themyscira 3", oil on canvas, 100×120cm, in 2021, a high wall will stand up, and the vision will suddenly rise. "Paradise Island" is not achieved overnight. The "Wall" series may be the artist's experience before arriving on the dream island, and contradictions are revealed everywhere. poetic. In these works, there is always a flying wall that cuts and obscures the natural scenery for no reason. Wang Jin's "My Rockery", oil on canvas, 130×140cm, in 2019, such a symbolic wall allows different audiences to make different interpretations - the wall of social contract, the wall of discipline, the wall between people , The wall that grows on oneself... As Wang Jin said: "There is no wall in the world, and there is a wall because of people." Most of the time, we are wandering in the besieged city within the wall, separated from "Paradise Island" Far away, I don't know where to go. Harper's BAZAAR ART interviewed curator Zhang Wenji to trace the artist's exploration of the inner landscape. Wang Jin's "Big Red", oil on canvas, 130×140cm, 2020 Wang Jin's "Green", oil on canvas, 85×60cm, 2020 BAZAAR: In Wang Jin's works, what quality attracts you the most? Zhang Wenji: Today, when boring conceptual art and endless interpretation mechanisms are rampant, the form of feeling and interest can move us instead. Such a form comes from a need of the heart, rather than a game of the mind, and can resonate between the audience and the artist. In the "Wall" series, both concept and performance are emphasized. Taking a window from the wall to get a glimpse of the outside world is called "borrowing scenery" in Suzhou gardens. "Borrowing" is from the outside to the inside. She touches the essence of the soul with a quiet and alert brush. Wang Jin's "Green Door", oil on canvas, 100×120cm, 2020 Wang Jin's "Valentine's Day", oil on canvas, 120×130cm, 2020 Zhang Wenji: If we want to trace the origin of the "Wall" series, it is because in 2017 , Hangzhou has done a lot of municipal engineering. A charming Nanshan Road by the West Lake was reclaimed and replaced by a gray wall, which is particularly contradictory and dramatic. Based on this, Wang Jin created the first batch of walls. Wang Jin's "A Corner of the West Lake", oil on canvas, 90×80cm, in 2019, in Wang Jin's eyes, there is no right or wrong "wall", we can discuss it as it should, rather than accuse it from the angle it should be. In his works, the wall and the landscape do not form a tense atmosphere of needle-point to Maimang, but live in harmony and harmonious coexistence amid contradictions. Wang Jin's "Waves", oil on canvas, 120×130cm, 2022 Wang Jin's "L'amour", oil on canvas, 90×80cm, 2020-2021 Outside the besieged city, the scenery is unique People prefer certainty and regularity , but Wang Jin has always tried to change this ideological tendency, daring to challenge and explore boldly. In the past two years, Wang Jin seems to be eager to see the world beyond the walls. In her creation, she sets aside all the shackles of the academic school and restores the most simple life. Wang Jin, "Themyscira 10", oil on canvas, 100×120cm, 2021 BAZAAR: How to connect the two series "Wall" and "Paradise Island"? Zhang Wenji: Walls can be protection or barriers. The complexity of people and society leads to multiple meanings of walls. The epidemic has aggravated the sense of isolation. Perhaps it is because of this that Wang Jin has no choice but to rush out to find a place of freedom. Therefore, Paradise Island appeared. Zhang Wenji at the exhibition site of Wang Jin's solo exhibition "Paradise Island": These two series are one with two sides, both of which are the pursuit of freedom and vitality, expressing the ideal of believing that the fog and shackles will eventually disappear and return to a simple and peaceful utopia. During the exhibition, the works of the two series "Wall" and "Paradise Island" were displayed separately. On the wall facing the gate of the exhibition hall, we chose the work "Ren Yin Xia" to connect the two series: from the wall to the outside Look, it is a paradise island with clear water and white sand and shadows of coconut trees. Wang Jin's "Entrance to Paradise Island", oil on canvas, 80×90cm, 2021 Wang Jin's Themyscira 5, oil on canvas, 100×120cm, in 2021, Wang Jin doesn't like color grading, uses less light and shade, and only relies on a lot of solid colors The superposition and the almost flat painting method complete the depiction. Her colors are thin and airy, and if you look closely, you can see rows and rows of smudged brushstrokes, with distinct layers and details. Such high-purity and transparent candy color blocks are unforgettable, and have injected infinite aura and vitality into "Paradise Island". Nowadays, no matter what you do, it must be meaningful and valuable, and you must give the work a grand theoretical framework. But Wang Jin is obviously not occupied by concepts. She is not obsessed with metaphysical induction, nor does she use a lot of concepts and symbols, not to look down on the world, but to show the purest happiness. Wang Jin, Themyscira 1, oil on canvas, 130×140cm, 2021 BAZAAR: What impressed you most about this exhibition? Zhang Wenji: Except for the postponed exhibition time, everything went well. The happiest thing is to meet old and new friends, relive the joy of crowded people, and feel the warmth of real people around. Wang Jin's old friend, the artist Zhang Tianjun, walked into the hall and said to us, "Seeing these paintings, my mood is really bright all of a sudden." This is exactly what this exhibition wants to convey. Wang Jin's Themyscira 9, oil on canvas, 160×170cm, 2021 Wang Jin's Themyscira 7, oil on canvas, 100×120cm, 2021 BAZAAR: Through this exhibition, what kind of perception and experience do you hope to bring to the audience? think? Zhang Wenji: First, painting is always a means for artists to examine their own emotions and resist reality. Words can never replace drawing. The textual interpretation is not the description of the painting, but allows the audience to see the part that they cannot see by themselves, which is to extend the understanding of the spiritual world. Painting has always played a very important role in the contemporary art system. Painting has always guarded the health, integrity and fullness of human nature, and avoided fanatical shaking. Zhang Wenji at the exhibition site of Wang Jin's solo exhibition "Paradise Island": Second, during the epidemic, at many moments, the energy of myself and the people around me will be depleted, and the subtle and complex feelings and intuitions in my heart will gradually disappear. I still hope that everyone can put their depression far away, put more attention around them, do what they can, love people in intimate relationships, chat and cooperate with strangers, stay optimistic, be antifragile, and try more. Wrong, waiting for the arrival of spring flowers and guarding the inner paradise island. Wang Jin's "Themyscira 8", oil on canvas, 100×120cm, in 2021, the dream-like island will be interdependent with the sea and the sky, bringing spiritual comfort to people who are working hard. When everything in the world urges you to "follow the wind and chase the moon, don't stay", Wang Jin's works will still encourage people to "let Tao Tao, be happy and innocent". As Shi Tiesheng said: Heaven is not a space, not a material existence, but a road, a permanent spiritual journey. The other side of perfection cannot be reached, but the existence of "Paradise Island" is necessary. People need an exclusive world that filters out the noise, puts aside desires, removes labels, and enjoys the natural scenery and the true self. Ongoing Exhibition: Wang Jin Solo Exhibition: Paradise Island Time: August 31-September 30, 2022 Venue: Edited by Yibo Gallery, interviewed by Wen He Yuqing License not to reproduce

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