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Twenty-four scenic spots in Fukang, Xinjiang

2022-12-08 08:05:52 [Photography art ]
Twenty-four scenic spots in Fukang, Xinjiang

In Xinjiang, Fukang is an admirable and fascinating place. Tianshan Bogda Peak was born here, forming a magnificent skyline in Central Asia; Tianshan Tianchi is picturesque, shining brightly in the mountains. On the north side of Bogda Peak, the ice and snow of the Tianshan Mountains melt into seven rivers, flowing through them, nourishing the oasis on the southern edge of the Gurbantunggut Desert. There is beauty in this land. It has carried one walker after another, and witnessed the survival and reproduction of generations. The land gives people a unique temperament, and people sow, grow and harvest on this land. In 1776, Emperor Qianlong named the city with the good meaning of "Wufu and Minkang". The camel bells on the road in the Tang Dynasty gradually disappeared. Although only a corner of the Tuenagall city wall remained, it was still thick. Li Bai, Li Shangyin, Qiu Chuji, Ji Xiaolan, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun and other literati and writers found fertile soil to nourish the soul here... Heaven made Yaochi , the emperor set Fukang. Today, more than two hundred years later, this legendary Queen Mother Fairy Garden has become a happy home for people of all ethnic groups in Fukang. The enthusiastic Fukang people call it "Xinjiang Living Room". As one of the owners of this living room, Zhao Xiandong, deputy secretary of the Fukang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, has personally sorted out the "Twenty-Four Views of Fukang" and presented them to guests from afar as a gorgeous gift for the children of Yaochi. The twenty-four scenic spots in Fukang are: Tianchi Pearl, Bogda Peak, Tianshan Skiing, Ma Ya Stone Forest, Qianlong Lingyuan, Feilong Shentan, Queen Mother Temple, Fushou Taoist Temple, Ecological Green Valley, Honggou, Danxia Tena Ancient City, Silk Road, Suifeng Wetland, Flying Crane and Indus Desert Flying Around the World Five Rivers Hot Spring Western Bazaar Bilin Town Yaowang Xiandong Queen Mother Taoyuan Boshan Academy Museum History Museum Industrial Exhibition Hall Jinshan Guild Hall 01 Tianchi Pearl (Photo: Sun Guofu) 02 Bogda Peak (Photo: Sun Guofu) ) 03 Tianshan Skiing (Photo: Sun Guofu) 04 Ma Ya Stone Forest (Photo: Sun Guofu) 05 Qianlong Lingyuan (Photo: Sun Guofu) 06 Feilong Shentan (Photo: Sun Guofu) 07 Queen Mother Temple (Photo: Sun Guofu) Guofu) 08 Fushou Taoist Temple (Photo: Sun Guofu) 09 Ecological Green Valley (Photo: Sun Guofu) 10 Honggou Danxia (Photo: Sun Guofu) 11 Turner Ancient City (Photo: Sun Guofu) 12 Silk Road Tunnel Bee (Photo: Sun Guofu) Sun Guofu) 13 Wetland Flying Cranes (Photo: Sun Guofu) 14 Wutong Desert (Photo: Sun Guofu) 15 Flying Around the World (Photo: Huang Kaiqi) 16 Wujiang Hot Spring (Photo: Sun Guofu) 17 Western Regions Bazaar (Photo: Sun Guofu) Sun Guofu) 18 Bilin Town (Photo: Sun Guofu) 19 Yaowang Xiandong (Photo: Sun Guofu) 20 Queen Mother Taoyuan (Photo: Fan Xiqin) 21 Boshan Academy (Photo: Sun Guofu) 22 Museum and History Museum (Photo: Fish Xinming) 23 Industrial Exhibition Hall (Photo: Sun Guofu) 24 Jinshan Guild Hall (data picture) The pictures and texts are from the Internet, if there is any inappropriate, please leave a message and delete it

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