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Villa private house design: let the house become family inheritance and spiritual utopia

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Villa private house design: let the house become family inheritance and spiritual utopia

It is often heard that the Chinese are the most gentle and relocated race. They have been building their homes and returning home all their lives. The attachment to our homeland and home has been in our blood for thousands of years. Perhaps this is the reason why many Chinese people are busy with a house all their lives. Gu Long said in "Xiao Shiyi Lang": When a person returns home and closes the door, it seems that all pain can be isolated from the door - this is the greatest meaning of "home". Everyone's ideal home looks different, but for everyone, the ideal home should be a sanctuary for body and mind. The significance of villa private house design is probably to help you create your home as you want to the greatest extent possible. So in the process of designing a private villa, what elements should be grasped so that the final product can be closer to everyone's ideal home?

Have a picture of the future living space

As mentioned above, everyone’s ideal home is different, and the living conditions they want to have at home are also different. would be completely different. Therefore, when designing a private villa, there must be some sense of the future living space-a few people make up my home, what do we generally do at home, and what is our daily life like. In other words, it is to clarify their own living needs. Such living needs may not be clear at the beginning, and there may even be only some small pictures about the future space, but a complete system will gradually be formed under the communication with the villa designer. In many cases, the more detailed the requirements, the better the progress from the ideal direction.

Conscious of sustainable development

For many people, a villa or private house is likely to become their own or even family living space for generations . The design of private villas is not a one-off, it is not that after the renderings are finished, there is no need to care about it, and there must be room for later maintenance and refinement. Often from the moment a private villa is designed, the family inheritance begins. The attachment to the home creates the obsession to keep the home fresh. Generally speaking, the service life of private villas is much longer than that of ordinary houses, so there should be a sense of sustainable development in the design of private villas. Focusing on the future with the hands of the present, the concept of "inheritance" has been deeply rooted in the heart from the very beginning. Of course, the design of private villas does not play a decisive role in the construction of the home. The key depends on how the people living in the home space operate. But there is no doubt that an ideal villa private house design can play a strong auxiliary role in the ideal home and have a subtle influence.

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