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Her oil paintings focus on color, light and texture

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Her oil paintings focus on color, light and texture

Ingrid Christensen Ingrid Christensen Canadian Painter - ArtYouhua - Ingrid Christensen (Ingrid Christensen), a Canadian painter, was born in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. She incorporates pencils and sketchbooks into most activities, from watching TV to having a picnic by the river. She may not have submitted any school papers with blank margins, because they featured tiny figures, herds of horses, or a view from a classroom window, etc. in the margins. Throughout the years she'd worked as a high school art and English teacher, as a potter, as a jeweler, as a metalsmith, Ingrid finally discovered what she had to do: paint. She is committed to learning the art, craft and mindset of oil painters through reading, appreciating art, and has participated in several workshops with artists Wu Zhaoming, Ignat Ignatov and Alex Kanevsky A selection of seminars. Her initial influences and icons came from the Impressionist movement in France and Russia, and over time she has expanded to include a long list of unruly painters from High Realism to Abstraction. A common theme runs through all the works she admires, namely an emphasis on colour, light and texture. It’s these elusive, complex, and multifaceted elements that inspire and excite her every day in the studio, and it’s what keeps her working and learning until the end. Ingrid works as a teacher in the studio, and she strives to inspire her students with the wonders of the craft of painting. She allows them to see beyond the surface of art to its rich, inner depths - the potential of painting as communication and self-discovery. She has taught many sold-out workshops so far and is open to teaching requests from anywhere. Ingrid has filmed several videos of the Winsor and Newton master classes in London, UK. Her art has received national and international awards and has been featured in Artists International, Avenue and Arabella magazines. Ingrid writes regularly for Art magazine. Her articles focus on the details of painting, from choosing the right brush to getting the most out of the studio. She is most proud of this article on studio health and safety for painters. I hope every painter, from hobby to professional, can read this article and enjoy a long and healthy life. Ingrid's work is held permanently in public and private collections around the world. Ingrid is headquartered in Canada and is represented by galleries in Canada and the United States.

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